View Full Version : Lifesaving tits

Nills Lagerbaak
26-02-2010, 14:12:12


Greg W
26-02-2010, 14:14:58
wat wat

26-02-2010, 16:02:32
Before you know it, they'll be standard military issue. I heard the US army was having recruitment issues - join us now for a free boob job!

:bounce::bounce:<---Bouncy ones!

26-02-2010, 18:40:55
Must have been either the most awful absolultey rock hard boob job or the worlds most pathetic assault rifle.

Greg W
27-02-2010, 02:54:33
Back when I was in my early 20s I played indoor cricket with a bloke whose girlfriend had a boob job. One night after a few drinks he admitted that they felt almost rock hard! So I guess more like :hmm: :hmm: than :bounce: :bounce: