View Full Version : Tropico 3

16-02-2010, 18:27:04
Not a whole lot good or bad about this one. A lot like the original Tropico, updated graphics, still lots of fun. I've only played a few of the campaign maps so far. The events that occur during the campaign are probably scripted very specifically, but I like the fact that they're relevant to what's been going on on the island.

I currently have trouble with seesawing economy. As I recall from the original, that was always a problem unless you had a moderate tourist trade to even out the ups and downs of cargo ship visits and teamster laziness. Special events are as annoying as they ever were. This time there are consequences to your foreign relations, although I'm not certain how severe or lasting they are.

My favorite bit so far was when my last soldier ran away from the last rebel in fear, and El Presidente himself stepped up to handle it personally.

17-02-2010, 12:53:13
I've actually been playing this recently and I pretty much agree. not great. Not bad. And pretty fun. At least for 10 hours or so. Then it's repetitive.

Build tobacco farms
grow infrastructure
build tourist industry
issue edicts
The end.