View Full Version : Up in the Air

02-02-2010, 01:09:40
The latest Clooney movie. Involves lots of planes and people losing their jobs. Very good!


23-02-2010, 16:28:02
Just saw this and liked it lots. The opening titles are very cool, Clooney is very good (yes it's the generic Clooney performance, but it suits this film perfectly), the set design and colour palette is really great, and the storyline is just the right side of slushy and predictable. Very good. 9/10. Recommended.

27-02-2010, 12:51:56
Yeah liked it very much too.

I thought clooney's love interest and the twist and resolution of their relationship was a little unbelievable, but it didn't dilute the film's message.

28-02-2010, 12:55:36
8/10 very nice movie, I really hate the bitch

01-03-2010, 23:22:51
I hated that bitch too.
I couldn't predict what would happen, took me by surprise.
Also when you cheat someone, what do you do with all those incoming calls and SMSs etc

01-03-2010, 23:24:05
Oh the film was OK. Didn't make a big impression on me but maybe because we weere laughinh all the time with a friend while watching talking bullshit so I didn't immerge myself to it.
Maybe it made an impression because of all the layoffs that recently took place in america.
if greece collapses they can make a sentimental movie about that too. all greeks dancing and drinking retsina till final drop farting towards the general direction of germans and trichet