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31-01-2010, 17:07:18
best film festival evah

saw :
friday: the single man, brilliantly brilliant
saturday: mother + afterwards a big party
sunday: meanly my bed
gonna see
monday: Aqua fria de mar
tuesday: Sonny / Skeleton and Was du nicht siehs

waf waf

01-02-2010, 16:23:26
'Mother + afterwards a big party', not heard of that one. How did it rate out of 10?

02-02-2010, 13:16:18
single man 4-5
mother 2-5
Aqua fria de mar 2-5

now on my way to the festival again

03-02-2010, 00:30:05
sonny 2-5
skeletons 5-5 brilliantly brilliant and hurrah for Tizzy
Was du nicht siehst 2-5

Tizzy be proud !!!