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27-01-2010, 16:39:17

Is jaywalking part of Toronto's culture?

Published On Wed Jan 27 2010 @ 4:30am

At a jaywalking hot spot on Yonge St., just north of Front St., the Star watched people randomly cross the street during the busy lunch rush. In 45 minutes, more than 45 people illegally crossed the road some of them even forcing a police car to stop to let them cross.

The officer could have given the dozen pedestrians tickets or at least warnings. By law, failing to use a crosswalk or disobeying a "don't walk" signal is a traffic offence warranting a fine of $85.

"Is that so? I had no idea," said Sima Persaud as she crossed in plain sight of the police car. The officer drove off and she went on her way.


Toronto Police hit pedestrians with dozens of tickets

Published On Wed Jan 27 2010 @ 11:30am

Toronto police issued more than 50 tickets to pedestrians across the city this morning as they try to drive home the importance of traffic safety.

"Shit, somebody is on to us...quick, write as many tickets as possible"

27-01-2010, 16:50:58
Damn jaywalkers. Tickets aren't harsh enough punishment.

27-01-2010, 16:52:47
Can't believe that's illegal. What are you, Germans?

27-01-2010, 16:53:23
Just remembering the shocked look on Vincent and C@H's faces when they were in England and the Englanders crossed on a red man.

27-01-2010, 16:56:37
You let those two into England?

27-01-2010, 17:00:30
crossed on a red man?

27-01-2010, 17:10:12

27-01-2010, 17:10:34
What are you talking about?

27-01-2010, 17:20:51
Is "Toronto's culture" an oxymoron?

27-01-2010, 17:22:40
Toronto's culture is to insist it has culture.

27-01-2010, 17:23:30
Many of the justifications of jaywalking in the article comments and from "experts" revolve around how "Toronto is such a busy and cosmopolitan city that people don't have time to do things like adhere to traffic laws".

27-01-2010, 17:26:45
Traffic laws are for traffic not pedestrians. Pedestrians FTW.

27-01-2010, 17:26:53
If the hotdog stand is on the other side of the street, you have every right to jaywalk. FACT!

27-01-2010, 17:48:50
hotdogs wooohoooooooo hotdogs

27-01-2010, 18:01:45
natural selection takes care of some of the jaywalkers, but it makes for bad press

Cheshire Cat
27-01-2010, 18:15:41
Just remembering the shocked look on Vincent and C@H's faces when they were in England and the Englanders crossed on a red man.

I spent my last high school summer in Germany to learn the language
in a sunny afternoon we were strolling in the outskirts with other foreign students (iirc moving from the campus where we had lunch, to a minigolf course)
a single opel was coming out of a deserted side street onto a main avenue
we crossed halfway but waited to let by the car, which had the green light
the german driver STOPPED, with green light, right onto the zebra, blockin our way, only to sternly rebuke us that we should NEVER cross with the red light
Because of that, the light became green for us and red for him, and in true teen spirit we laughed at him, slapped his hood and showed him the finger, completing the crossing legitimately this time


27-01-2010, 18:47:57
was was

27-01-2010, 20:31:25
It's just your jay walkin'
You're telling me lies, yeah
Jay walkin'
You wear a disguise
Jay walkin'
So misunderstood, yeah
Jay walkin'
You really no good


27-01-2010, 22:56:31
was was