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18-01-2010, 19:01:19
worked a bitje till 7 and then I bought some guinness.
bought the guinness because last saterday at 14.30 I went to this nice irish pub to watch some football and jj it's full of the Anglish and they serve nice guinness pints, I live in Rotterdam for 12 years now and till last saterday I never knew there was this nice pub just 400 meters from my appartment.
So back to today:

I really like guinness so I went to the gall&gall and bought 4 cans of that nice beer.

I just finished my first one and I was flabbergasted, first I thought I put some sigs in the neirly empty can cause I felt some stuf inside the beer can.


no way man, those english beermakers put a small pingpong ball inside the can.


18-01-2010, 19:55:45
Was indeed! It's because we're all ping pong fanatics and after a can of Guinness, what could be better than playing a game? Ask Shagnasty, he knows.

Lazarus and the Gimp
18-01-2010, 20:44:42
Are the Dutchies strangers to the miracle of the widget?

18-01-2010, 20:58:36
a lovely widget! A widget it has got!

18-01-2010, 21:10:25
Are the Dutchies strangers to the miracle of the widget?

well this one is, and I would be surprised if :drekkus: knew, and now I learned a new word.
what a day what a day!!!


18-01-2010, 21:44:43
wad wad

Lazarus and the Gimp
18-01-2010, 22:37:34

18-01-2010, 23:49:25
wad wad


19-01-2010, 08:45:53
The story of the midget with the widget.