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A dramatic soul like you should explore the world, on foot. You're running away from all sorts of things, you might do it good.

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Greg W
17-01-2010, 03:30:28
You know, you almost sound like a stereotypical cliched Rockstar in some ways. You've led the high life, partied hard, different beautiful women all the time, lots of alcohol... And yet underneath you're terribly lonely, wanting something completely different, a totally different perfect lifestyle away form the dramas, partying and fast women... and yet unable to find it.

Doesn't help with a solution, just a thought that passed through my head.

But, yeah, getting away from it all, travelling for a while might do you a world of good.

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A dramatic soul like you should explore the world, on foot. You're running away from all sorts of things, you might do it good.

damn Drekkus, that's schjmart

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hey drama queen how you're doign he keeps tellign me

haha, that's what friends are for

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Deleted because they were drunken ramblings.
Anyway my best friend is getting divorced.
They were like the "perfect couple" to me.
Great now I know of noone personally that has a happy marriage.

23-01-2010, 00:51:11
It was amazing what he said.
I knew he had some things going on... he's too independent/ alternative but perhaps when a child comes along you have to be, to become more mundane.
So... the kid is off to holland with his mother and he will remain alone here.
I was sensing something was going wrong.
Still he's rational. And with a rational tone he says he will not know how he will react when he'll see his wife and son going away and probably never return.

23-01-2010, 00:59:05
Middle of the road reactions. Not saying the pain is not hugely deep.

Fuckingly strange I was talking with that girl who's a bit older than me, altough anyway, and she was telling me that those sort of men who are going away on travles etc they are simply ego-oriented. And she predicted this would happen.
Maybe, after all, there is a dignity to sticking at your own ground.

And from a psychological point of view what he said was very interesting...

But it's over (maybe not?) She will leave to holland, take her son away (she never refered to him as their son, always MY son) it's that fucking french phrase to understand everything is to forgive everything.
I understand both points of view.

And what killed the whole thing were little things.
He had a perfect outside image, perhaps like I have to those who know me epidermically, and now it seems it's all over and he is of course devastated.
But I think he maybe miscalculated some things.
Anyway the kid is off to the south of holland and I think it is maybe over.
His way of life was surely unconventional but when a child comes along I suppose the woman gets, changes, becomes different. And you have to be there even in the small things. Not the big things only.

23-01-2010, 23:42:48
the south of Holland rulezzzz - FACT!!

23-01-2010, 23:44:47
Again I can't sleep so I'll write a few lines.
I had long suspected that something wasn't right.
I don't think he is my best friend, more like I liked his stance on life. And I suppose I liked that because I was saying, hey if that stance of life can keep a girl like that on his side then something is going right. But now I realize this was all a charade.
His girl was from what it seems in a state of suffocation.
But really I can't believe, why would you have a kid.
And also I think he is too much focused on himself.

From what I've understood, he doesn't *really* care about the baby so much. And I think if I ever had a baby I'd dedicate my life to it. Maybe to make up for not having a father around me myself. I'd be the silliest dad that there is. Completely protect him.
Or her. And I'd do everything to keep the family together, at all costs, in all manners I know.
And he was and is very money oriented.
And now he says, which is logical of course, that he never spared a dime and she accused him of being stngy with money.
And now he will have to give it up for allimony. So now he says, what's the use of keeping money?
And he didn't give her flowers, or pay more attention to her. He basically does look after himself primarily.
And I know the girl, she's very sentimental (there goes the myth about the "coldness of the north") much more than him.
I suspect something which is frightening and that is that he wanted her only for show.
Maybe with my tandrums and my ups and down and my very giving nature maybe I could hold a family much more than a guy like that. I used to think of him like something of a role model. But if he managed to lose such a loving girl then that's definitely not the way.
And he had brushed his family aside completely. I won't do that.
And too much freedom maybe is a cover up for indifference for others.

23-01-2010, 23:50:20
hear hear

Greg W
24-01-2010, 01:35:05
In the end, everyone is different. We all need different things from those we love, and we all expect different things in return. Some people are very giving and expect little in return, though often these people wake up to themselves eventually when they eventually get sick of getting nothing back, of being used as it were. And some people expect the world to be laid at their feet, to be showered with gifts and money and give little in return other than sex, thinking that that is love.

And everything in between, behind, in front, to either side, above and below, there's so many variations out there. The secret (well, it's a start anyway) is to find someone such that you both get and give what you both need. There will always be differences, but you both need to be able to accept and work with and around those differences.

24-01-2010, 10:29:18
Maybe Paiktis can give the girl's name and adress to Mr_B.

Greg W
24-01-2010, 11:37:19
But she's not married? :drekkus:

24-01-2010, 12:59:14
Maybe Paiktis can give the girl's name and adress to Mr_B.

gooooood thinking D

24-01-2010, 17:17:37
She IS still married, maybe the attributes that you see at the other person become drawbacks when you have a child.
And besides there was nothing for her here... not even a proper job to find.
And my friend did "childish" things, like not going with her to her family at christmas but instead going away to yet another trip...
Everything he says make sense. But everything is... shallow...
I don't know how else to describe it,

24-01-2010, 17:23:48
We only have one life if we live it like we were robots then might as well jump off the acropolis.
I think she was feeling very lonely and not really grasping where she was...
Maybe it was like a nice faraway dream, but after the coming of a child I guess all clears. All fog dissapears (I'd hope this is the case, although I know people who think different).
You need passion and drama and wild situations in your life. Life isn't worth it without it. But you also need to find an equivalant recipient for that. You can't live your life on auto pilot. At the same time you need to be responsible and down to earth, especially after the coming of a child.
After a while their house started to smell like a crematorium.
I suppose she didn't want her child to grow up in these circumstances. It is understandable.
Maybe it's not over but from what I hear she is adamant in her decision. Positive nothing will change,

24-01-2010, 17:32:02
My advice is to not let her go, I also know a law that forbids a child who has greek nationality from leaving the country without the written consent of both parents but I don't think I'll inform him. Resorting to blackmail is counter productive.
OTOH I adviced him to not let go so easily. Phone, call, be there, fight for her. Change.
But he says he doesn't want to do that in "her" own terms.
Well when the situation is like this you can't afford to have any holdbacks. He thinks different though.
Probably the little guy will grow up a nice dutch boy and only come to Greece for holidays. But I think now is the time to put up a good fight and shower her with everything she wants in an attempt to turn the tide and then work out the differences. But I don't think he has it in him.