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Scabrous Birdseed
16-01-2010, 13:27:21
Hey guys, up for a googling challenge?

Eurosport show an intro video to their African Cup of Nations coverage that I ASSUME is produced centrally somehow. Can anyone find it or any part of it or any information about it, at all?

16-01-2010, 14:49:00
Irelevant and threadjacking but I visited your webpage and read a bit on the avatar analysis from a feminist view.
What sprung to mind was something a feminist once said, that the primordial basic design for a human being is female. (if left unchanged by a certain chromosome, every human would be born a woman). And that feminist said that boys are a garbage aftermath. Like god had an insignificant afterthought.

I think it is compltely the opposite. Women are crude prototypes and inferior to the male body. Males are one step further, a clear amelioration, sharper, stronger, better. They're version 2.0

16-01-2010, 15:01:29
erm... that girl had a t-shirt that read "girls are best". I wrote underneath it "for fucking". So the t-shirt then wrote "girls are best for fucking".

she didn't wear it any more, cant tell why. maybe she wasnt ready for the truth

(she was the love of my life btw - except if sex is included then she wasn't. lubrication issues - won't even talk about orgasm)

Scabrous Birdseed
16-01-2010, 15:38:05
I'm generally weary of biological explanations for gender differences - or even if there are two separate genders at all except as social categories - but IF there would be, come on, women are clearly superior. More resilient, more peaceful, more rational. But then, I barely have any male friends...

16-01-2010, 16:33:50
resilience... peace... rationality... are all disformed children of passivity (IMHO)... who wants to be passive in this lifetime...?
passivity is up for graps. do a few tricks and they're chirpy like a cherry blossom. afterwards you leave. they're the earth we're the sky.
i suppose everything has its uses.
Besides all these attributes, (which far from characterize each and every woman) are essential for child bearing. If not used for this then they become like a festering wound.

19-01-2010, 13:06:22
women are clearly superior. More resilient, more peaceful, more rational.

depends on your definition of superiority i guess

peace, rational thought and resilience can achieve some things. other traits can achieve other things

and there is a natural negative flipside to these positive characteristics of course. peace = passivity, rational thought = predictable thought, resilient = scarred

you don't seem to be attributing your generalised females with much dynamism or chutzpah. are the traits you identified something that would please a feminist? they strangely align with traditional stereotypical presentations of female personality traits