View Full Version : games for windows live

09-01-2010, 20:14:34
Is complete poo.

Why do I have to create a games for windows live login just to play a game i downloaded OVER STEAM!!!

And why does it have to update itself but isn't smrt enough to pick up I need to hotfix XP first.

And then why does it freeze when you log on to it?

How come valve can code Steam so it works but the people who write the operating system can't write a simple login screen?

09-01-2010, 20:49:23
FFS i had to manually run the patching software from the command line.

this is like working in ubuntu.

10-01-2010, 01:45:20
To its credit, Steam epic fails all the time as well.

I've had it make my Dragon Age Origins game unplayable for an entire weekend as they pushed out a broken patch which didn't include a necessary file. I've had it repeatedly tell me games were "unavailable to play" unless I deleted a cache file somewhere in the Steam install directory. I've had the Steam process refuse to launch unless I reinstalled.

Games for Windows Live i've only had in one game (Fallout 3), but it was a joke. Useless complexity.