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19-12-2009, 13:25:44
After reading posts from the good old days, I've come to realise that my spelling was awful, as was (possibly still is) my sense of humour.
Now I'm not entirely sure whether my spelling has improved with age or the incorporation of spell checkers into web browsers has had anything to do with it. Thoughts?
As for the sense of humour, I think all my angst has left me and has been replaced with old man moaning at things. Complaining can be funny sometimes.

Now rip this thread to pieces you bunch of balding twats from reading.

Greg W
19-12-2009, 13:34:59
You were a bit of a gay twat, lol. But, we all live and learn, depends on who you are now...

19-12-2009, 13:38:50
I was 16 you bellend.

I'm still a twat but now I just don't care. I decided to give internet forums a break and live a little, instead of moaning about how every other girl in the universe has fucked me over. I keep that for pubs and friends.

hay guyz want to know what i'm doing with my life?

19-12-2009, 13:45:13
always interested, do tell.

Greg W
19-12-2009, 13:49:54
I know, that's why I put the "lol" on the end. I don't hold anything against young people, they all think they know best. Hell, I was the same, we all were pretty much.

Sure, go ahead, always interesting to hear people's stories. :)

19-12-2009, 14:03:59

I was a teenager for a bit, started getting into music when I was 17. Had a few girlfriends which is always cool.
Finished a level 3 national diploma in music this year, (got merits, wew!) Got my grade 8 playing bass guitar. Learned to read music etc.
I'm out of work at the moment, because CORNWALL IS FUCKING SHIT. There are actually no jobs anywhere here, and there are certainly no jobs for a session bass player here (that pays well).
The only income I get is from gigging every weekend with a covers band, and I also session for a chap called Marco Spiezia. He's in recording at the moment, signed by EMI! I gig with him a lot.

But yeah, I'm a skint stoned bassist who is sick of this country and lack of any support for one of the poorest regions in the UK.

Going off topic here, but do you know what really grinds my gears? The fact pensioners in this county get free bus fare, and people my age have to pay like 4.80 for a single ticket to get into town, to get to work. If it wasn't for my rents I'd have died of starvation by now.
Most pensioners don't need a bus pass because the ones that retire in Cornwall all have money and cars. They're all out on Sunday afternoons in their Jags and Honda's.
There's something seriously wrong there.

Greg W
19-12-2009, 14:34:57
Well, those with their jags and stuff I can understand. But old people have generally(!) earnt the priveledge. And there's a lot of elderly people out there who need that free travel. Mind you, I wouldn't complain about a means test for it, but that's another story. ;)

Sounds like you got into something you like, which is good. The lack of money, less so of course. Maybe you need to move somewhere where there's more jobs available and just travel to Cornwall on weekends for your gigs? Dunno, it's a bit brief to go giving advice on. :)

19-12-2009, 14:53:35
What I'm saying is that most OAP's have their own transport and don't need buses. Whereas I'm in a situation where insurance is fucking expensive (20 year old male), it's hard for me to get work, I have no steady income and I can't afford bus fare. It's like giving people with money free shit, and shitting on the people without money.
I'd love to move away but I need money to do that... Considering doing music at ACM in Guilford, but then that's also fucking expensive.
I might get a few months work as an IT Technician at my guitarists company but that's nothing permanent.

Greg W
19-12-2009, 14:57:58
Thus I wouldn't complain if it were means tested. If an OAP needs it, they get it...

Take any work you can get, and use it to get contacts if you can. Let it be known you need more permanent work or even temp work. Networking I believe it is called...

21-12-2009, 09:13:09
Grade 8 bass guitar = knowing the top 5 frets of the E and A strings?

21-12-2009, 12:42:44
You know what sucks! Kids on my lawn!!!!!!

The Shaker
21-12-2009, 13:31:34
don't tell the authorities that.

21-12-2009, 14:21:00
Old people suck, I agree. Still, younger people suck more.

21-12-2009, 14:30:07
a lot of old people don't have any teeth. so the sucking thing is a fait accompli

21-12-2009, 17:24:47
fait accompi

that's the second time in the past 12 hours that I've come across that phrase, and I never heard of it before... first thought it was typo

21-12-2009, 17:55:57
You know what sucks! Kids on my lawn!!!!!!
buy a lawn mower, a big one

21-12-2009, 19:04:35
Grade 8 bass guitar = knowing the top 5 frets of the E and A strings?

Haha! If only