View Full Version : What does ftf stand for?

11-12-2009, 15:52:27
it costs 7 euros

11-12-2009, 15:54:16
Friends that Fuck

Some others but I guess that's most likely.


or Ford Truck Fanatics

Ford Truck Fanatic Friends That Fuck (IV)

11-12-2009, 15:55:21
you fewl

free train fok

11-12-2009, 15:55:57
Four Transvestite Freaks

11-12-2009, 15:56:24
Female to Femme, a gender identity that lies in the creation of a femme identity, from the previously identified female identity. A femme identity may want to be associated within the queer movement.


11-12-2009, 15:56:25
Foamy Tit Fondle

I think that's the politically correct name for a soapy tit wank?

11-12-2009, 15:57:49
i'm guessing as long as it:

a) contains the word tit
b) refers to the act of a soapy tit wank

then political correctness will be tough to achieve

Greg W
12-12-2009, 12:12:34
Foot tall fool?

12-12-2009, 18:40:42
FTF Face To Face (in person)
FTF Freescale Technology Forum
FTF Fair Trade Federation
FTF First Things First (Chattanooga, TN family strengthening program)
FTF Farmer-To-Farmer (Peace Corps program)
FTF First to Find (geocaching)
FTF Fight the Future (X-Files movie)
FTF Finalization Task Force (OMG)
FTF Finalization Task Force
FTF First to File (patent management)
FTF First to Fight (computer game)
FTF First-Time Freshman (education)
FTF Future Total Force (USAF)
FTF First Time Fix
FTF Failure to Feed (A self loading firearm malfunction)
FTF Failed to Find (geocaching)
FTF For the Find (geocaching)
FTF Flexible Target Family
FTF Failure to Fire
FTF For The Fail
FTF Fugitive Task Force
FTF Failure to Fly (suicide by jumping)
FTF For The Fame (band)
FTF Full Time Father
FTF Flexible Technical Foils
FTF Filter Test Facilities
FTF Fiber Termination Frame
FTF Federal Telecommunications Fund
FTF Fuel Transport Facility
FTF FreeTradeFXP (online FXP group)
FTF First Time Father
FTF Fill the Front
FTF Freezer to Fryer (food items)
FTF Further to Follow (police)
FTF Ford Truck Fanatics (automotive fanclub)

Greg W
13-12-2009, 00:23:18
Yeah, but mine referred to mr_B!

15-12-2009, 09:08:17
I think it means face to face, so you are sitting at a seat facing another seat, not with the back of another seat in front of you. And you probably get more space, which is why it costs a bit more