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14-11-2009, 15:43:06
I know that many of you are pot heads and you know that I frown upon such addictions (in contrast to psychodrugs and alcohol).
Anyway, big old grandma was wrong.
(BTW this must be the greatest lead of all time - lead, in journalism is what you open your piece with, it must catch the eye of the reader).

Anyway, so much to tell.

I finally got it on with that girl from that nice family (you're hearing this Greg?)

ANd grandma you were wrong about the unspoiled and untouched.

why is it?
What is it?
My therapist said that I need to first form a relationship of trust before I engage (if you catch my drift I think you can).

But what is is? Two dates it's all it takes.
Which is good you know.
I know you want it but you seem to pressure yourself?
Pyschotherapist, pointe douze.

Still as silly happy as a mistreated puppy who finally got his own place.
And again it's something to do with england, sad fuckers.
What there will be, will be shown.

Two dates and bed.
WHy can't I fix this?

Ok. Life goes on. We shall keep moving forward untill our heart gives way.

14-11-2009, 15:50:47
And "you're calling me baby so you don't confuse the names"?

do i fucking give that sort of impression?

what the fuck, really

14-11-2009, 15:54:14
I can't be normal. I can't have that average trusting relationship.
But I'm as close now as ever.
That's worth a shot.
Put on your shortsight glasses.

14-11-2009, 16:04:51
I must give that impression to girls I really want. I get on the ego wagon and they think I'm this sort of player.
Anyway. I must really have the bone of the bat. Two dates and bed.
And families know eachother and it's all crap really.
Just another one.
With perfect body. Really, really really.
And there's some sort of buddha thing going on? And Absenth, lots of absent.
Shit I'm happy!

14-11-2009, 16:07:59
Shit I'm happy!

Yaaay!!!! :)

Didn't understand any of the rest of it though!

14-11-2009, 16:30:29
Nevermind I'm happy it's true.
There was no respect which is good. Wild sex followed by very sensitive one. "Good" families... Sometimes, when you give out something, you think it's small but it is big and when harvest time comes you realize.
And you try to be considerate and to be civil and to be whatever. But There's no fucking way. To try and hold... but there is no way.

14-11-2009, 16:35:17
I'm getting tired, so many girls.
I want to stand. I hope with this girl I will. Still there's no conspiracy yet.
Maybe in the future.
Whatever I say it's yes.

Be something else, it's ok.

It's something she said. That made me go into flirt rampage mode.
And I shouldn't have 'cause now she might think it's only that.
Whatever. Time will show.

14-11-2009, 16:50:53
HEY. Let's be HONEST. I DON'T want it to be with her.
I want my previous mother and lover and best friend and whathave you....
And still narcissim and the best of the best and crap.
And my father was right. I'm ruined.
But. hey dad. I'm having a blast.
I've actually had told her. You're my "mother" my lover and my best friend.
But pagnol. Pagnol.

14-11-2009, 17:06:56
Anyway I've sent and S.O.S. but it won't do anyt good you know. You ALWAYS advance forward. Because you choose too.

14-11-2009, 17:07:46
Or not.
Life can take you a hundrend places different. In this end. It just doesn't matter. So it's all open. All possible.

14-11-2009, 17:11:02
But I have to say. That abstract by pagnol: what would be of romeo and juliet if the latter had an ounce less of fless on the nose?

It's the biggest WHOREDOM of all. Goddamm.
That's all anyway.
Whatever rains, it will rain.

14-11-2009, 17:16:52
And it will rain hard one way or another.

14-11-2009, 17:20:08
I'm gettiing dizzied out by all those girls. Tits and pusseis and asses and it all becomes a blure, you don't remember where one ends the other begins.
And what matters in all of this is emtotional security. Snd I had found it. I'd be lying if I say I didn't.
But I have to try out all things this life can give me before I make me choice. Right? Right.

Greg W
15-11-2009, 06:06:23
I finally got it on with that girl from that nice family (you're hearing this Greg?):cute:Tits and pussies(Ed) and asses and it all becomes a blur(Ed), you don't remember where one ends the other begins.So many things I could say, so many of them so wrong... :D

Maybe a part of your problem is that you just analyse things too much. Maybe if one time you just let all that analysis go (easier said than done, I am sure), maybe everything will fall into place? With the right girl of course, which is an accomplishment all on its own...

Dunno, but I am glad that you are happy, anyway. :beer:

Drake Tungsten
15-11-2009, 19:24:07
Now you're using Smiths' lyrics for your thread titles? Just come out of the closet already. You're not fooling anyone.

15-11-2009, 21:54:35

who the fok are you?

do you dooooo di doooooooo?

Provost Harrison
16-11-2009, 05:54:08
It's Drake Tonguestain...

16-11-2009, 10:52:59
Paiktis will always get a :beer: from me.

18-11-2009, 18:21:25
Stablization is imminent...!:)

18-11-2009, 18:22:35
are you sure?

18-11-2009, 18:35:43
I'm very hopeful.
Very much so...
If only I can shed that wild side... by any means, it is almost attainable.

18-11-2009, 18:40:32
Everything I wanted has happened. I don't want anything more.
It was a big dream that girl for me, and I hope that I can be able not to destroy her good heart. And not by walking away, by staying there. She's not just "any other".
I'm a rollercoaster and I leave ashes behind me (first I get burned of course).
I hope this time I go sweetly like a calm (and TRUSTWORTHY) river.

18-11-2009, 18:43:17
I haven't read this thread

18-11-2009, 18:44:53
Makes no difference :lol:

18-11-2009, 18:45:19
I rarely do

18-11-2009, 18:46:43

18-11-2009, 22:02:52
Everything I wanted has happened. I don't want anything more.
It was a big dream that girl for me, and I hope that I can be able not to destroy her good heart. And not by walking away, by staying there. She's not just "any other".
I'm a rollercoaster and I leave ashes behind me (first I get burned of course).
I hope this time I go sweetly like a calm (and TRUSTWORTHY) river.

This is good? I think.

18-11-2009, 22:04:02
I'm a rollercoaster and I leave ashes behind me (first I get bummed of course).

And because no-one else has already done it.


Provost Harrison
19-11-2009, 05:08:30
Did I miss anything? Apart from a great copycat thread that is :D

05-12-2009, 18:49:35
Didn't work out! :eek: This time I'm really really bummed!
Between England and Palestine I think I prefer Palestine :eek:

Crap! Realizations realizations!

Where to begin?
Right I knew the family, I said good girl, pretty let's make a family!
BUT I have never EVER seen such emotional detachment!
It's only sex!
What time are you free so I can come and we fuck!

That's not home girl material!

DAMMMMMMMN. I never had such huge projections on a girl and been so cataclysmically disproven!

Alors marchons ensemble enfants de la patrie situation

05-12-2009, 18:53:43
And that's the second girl in a row that uses me this way. Have I changed?

05-12-2009, 18:59:14
Right... landing down mode...
She's simply 10 years old (in mind - 28 in years).
Ok I've heard that in the western provinces such practices are rather common. But I din't think that... anyway. I don't think that's country specific.
Complete emotional detachment.
We walk a great time to get home and barely exchange a word. I eat, shower, we fuck, she leaves. ???

Ground control to major tom

You want one thing you get the opposite.
Always!!! It's frightening!

05-12-2009, 19:02:24
And her parents are the sweetest couple! Very close together.
(of course she has lived years after years away from them).
And I said, it can't be possible. The apple never falls far from the apple tree...
But it is possible actually it is the opposite!
I want a relationship here and it's nothing!

I have been accused - get this - for lack of lyrical imagination!

And crap! I know her brother he's a good guy. And I got a crushing blow of chest remorse.
But screw that. Screw it all.
Freedom. Again. (but a bit buffled)

05-12-2009, 19:03:59
She only wants sex. She bows before the cock.
That's all.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
05-12-2009, 19:51:53
In the words of the great philosopher Haindling:

Da paiktis vo Schweinau,
der hätt so gern a Frau;
Doch die er mog, die kriagt er ned,
und die er kriagt, die mog er ned.

Greg W
06-12-2009, 00:28:48
Apples do indeed fall a distance from the tree...sometimes. Well, or they fall from the tree then proceed to roll down the hill... Who knows, she may be that way due to past relationships, or then again that may very well just be her.

Sorry to hear that anyway, mate.

maybe from now on, no sex until you've gotten to know them reasonably well. Tell any girl that you meet up front that you've been burned a few times (no need to go into numbers) from jumping into bed too quickly and you want to take things slowly.

Don't know if that's possible, but it may be worth a shot. Sex tends to change the way we think, sometimes in bad ways.