View Full Version : Call Of Duty: World At War online

Walrus Feeder
30-10-2009, 23:09:16
I've been playing Free For Alls and Team Deathmatchs on this for quite some time now and have got to rank 57/65. Very addictive but can be incredibly frustrating at times when you killed too often. If anyone else has been playing this what do you think about it?

Graphics and gameplay are fantastic but I prefer the maps much more than in COD4. Wouldn't say i'm brilliant at it. Sometimes get a 3 Kill Streak but getting a 5 Kill Streak is very rare! However, once you call in artillery it isn't hard to get the 7 kills needed to call in the (ridiculously) vicious dogs. It's obvious you need to be a good shot in the game and can't stand there blasting away as you'll give your position away and get taken out by someone within seconds. My main weakness is when i'm moving around and i come face to face with someone i always get killed. Therefore try to keep my distance and pick people off from medium-long range. Weapon of choice is the STG machine gun with aperture. Regularly get kills too with the Bouncing Bettys. Hearing the 'ping' after a headshot and sniping can be satisfying too as can creeping up on someone and knifing them. I guess i average about 8-10 kills per map but probably die about the same. Fave maps are Upheaval, Hangar & Knee Deep. Can't believe these players get constantly seem to get 25-30 kills per game. Must be these 15 yr old kids super super sharp reactions!
"Stick Together, we'll come out on top!" :shoot: