View Full Version : 49 days and counting

20-10-2009, 21:11:53

Provost Harrison
20-10-2009, 21:30:16
Wow, not melodramatic much...

Immortal Wombat
20-10-2009, 21:32:35
Where's Dr Hans Zarkov (formerly at N.A.S.A.) when you need him?

Provost Harrison
20-10-2009, 21:32:54
If I were him, I'd be more worried about approximately 249 days from now, when he'll get turfed out on his arse :D

20-10-2009, 21:39:52
Do you think he'll stop bothering everyone about it once the 50 days are up? After all, according to him it'll be too late. Might as well give up at that point.

Provost Harrison
20-10-2009, 21:46:05
I'm sure he'll find some other "Look at me! Look at me!" stunt like this. No one will care. And he'll keep rolling on towards his inevitable defeat.

20-10-2009, 21:49:09
Of course. Silly me, expecting a politician's words to actually mean something.

Provost Harrison
20-10-2009, 21:52:12
Well he used to be a close associate of Tony Blair. Damn, that man could bullshit for Britain. Oh wait, he did :eek:

Greg W
21-10-2009, 01:23:13
Poor politicians can't do anything it seems... :p