View Full Version : So, why do people think Aussies are racist?

08-10-2009, 10:51:38
I can't believe this was allowed to go out.



69% say it wasn't racist?

Harry Connick Jr FTW.

08-10-2009, 10:53:30
Who after reading this:

“While the skit was not the most offensive on recent Australian TV, it demonstrated how old-school and out of touch the producers of Hey Hey were,” she said.

Really wants to know what the most offensive sketch was?

08-10-2009, 11:02:06
i think it's funny and because it's sooo over the top it's nothing to dooo di dooo with racisme at all.

08-10-2009, 11:04:15
it's like Hans Teeuwen, a dutch artist who is doing his things in your land now.
he is funny as hell because he goes over every boundery there is.

08-10-2009, 11:47:49
Seemed to be completely unintentional. Forgivable but awful. I got the impression they were making light fun of the difference in MJ's skin color with that of the rest of his family.

Funnier was the clip of Connick on MAD TV portraying a southern black preacher - the difference is they darkened his face a shade instead of pancaking on black shoe polish.


its already logged in the blackface wiki, gogo internet

08-10-2009, 11:53:24
The Zwarte Piet section was particulary interesting. Those crazy Dutch. :lol:

08-10-2009, 12:06:01
a few years ago a commission anti rasism were suggesting the Zwarte Pieten had to change in Colored Pieten, green red yellow and absolutely no black.

08-10-2009, 12:14:59
No black? Racists.

08-10-2009, 12:46:10
my thoughts