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Vincent Fandango
16-05-2002, 08:31:41
I wanted to write an article about his strange post Beatles output. What amazes me is, that - togethet with Lennon and the other two guy, of course - he released at least 6 classic albums in 6 years (1964-1969), let's say

A Hard Day's Night
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper
The Beatles
Abbey Road

After that, he produced a lot of really strange Kitsch, überproduced wannebe Rock, etc. There are only two decent albums, "Band on the Run" and "Flowers in the Dirt" (Thanks to Elvis "Lennonsubstitute" Costello) and the rest is soso or unhearable.

So I thoght

To get a complete overview of his works I bought "Flaming Pie", "Run Devil Run" and "Driving Rain".

I was amazed. FP got killed by Jeff Lynne. Above that, Macca plays the drums on most tracks and that's really boring. But the songs are OK. One of his better albums.

RDR is filled with Rock'n'Roll stuff, only 3 Macca Songs. Recorded in a "life" style within 2 weeks. And it's excellent (far better than Lennon's Rock and Roll album). Well, it's just Macca and some guys playing RnR, but it's simple fun. Especially the cajun version of "brown Eyed Handsome Man" is great.

DR is quite good, the songs are far more personal and different from his other works. I wouldn't say its as good as one of the Beatles albums, but maybe it's his best album and it's what you'd expect from an Ex-Beatle. On cerrtain tracks it has the same feel as the "Let it Be" album - my Beatles favourite album because it#s so deperssing, dark, Beatles' last stand.

So I have to say: I'm sorry, Sir! I was wrong. It only took 30 years ...

16-05-2002, 08:38:22
I have heard very little of those albums. Other than the beatles ones obviously.

Vincent Fandango
16-05-2002, 08:45:47
I only would recommend "Run Devil Run" because it's fun. I bought it in a second hand CD shop for 7 EUR, and that's OK.

I actually can listen to his albums, but only in an analytical way. There are very few songs I like (and usually they are produced in a way I don't like) Maybe a total of 10 good songs. I always got the urge to tell him "Throw it away, start again". The most songs are strangely unfinished (composing and the lyrics, aaah, the LYRICS!!!!) and overproduced. Like a cheap candy, that's far too sweet. If he plays rock he sounds like a poser.