View Full Version : Hearts of Iron 3

Lazarus and the Gimp
24-09-2009, 21:35:18
Anyone tried this? I'm tempted to pick it up, even if it does look like a bit of a beast.

Edit- should be "Hearts of Iron". Curse my crippled fingers.

24-09-2009, 21:46:55
I am playing it, occasionally.

It is seriously complex.

1.2 fixes a lot of errors, however, weather is still completely messed up in the ocean. And there are some other major errors, in particular major AI problems still exist.

I have spent time and enjoyed it, but it will be a lot smoother with 1.3 being released in a couple of months.

Probably it is sort of game that will never be great with the AI, because it is too complicated for an AI to handle well.


24-09-2009, 23:06:38
I bought it the other day, but haven't had the time to have a clue what's going on yet...

My friend likes it.