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Greg W
03-09-2009, 16:54:39
Allrighty then, after playing around some with FM 2009, I realise that I still don't know a lot about the game. Like it took me days to realise that you can give team tactics and then individual player tactics (I thought there was just team). :cute: And reading up a little on some of the FM boards, it seems that giving individual players personal orders is a must if you want to do well in the game.

Is there any newp hint threads or pages around anywhere that anyone is aware of? I know there's individual tactics that I can download, but that kinda seems cheating, I'd rather understand why x works and why y (stutter there) doesn't. And the FM 2009 boards that I came across were clogged with such rubbish that I'd hate to try and search my way through them.

So, for instance (and yes, I am probably asking a bit here), what tactics would suit Blackburn? I've tended to play a 4-4-2 so far, as I seem to have strong wide players in Emerton, Garnst-Pedersen and Warnock. Basically with not putting any individual tactics nor particularly any team tactics beside playing a wide game. All 4 midfielders and two wingbacks pushing forward (up arrows - I now know this basically gives them individual orders to push forward more often), two central defenders pushing back.

And during the trials it seemed to work excellent and even during some EPL games. But I think now I am playing EPL matches I am getting punished for... well, I can guess for not enough individual orders and maybe too general a plan, but I guess the problem is I just don't know why. Nor quite what I should try to do to arrest the slide.

I mean, do I play a slow or fast tempo game? I am thinking either mixed or slow, cos I don't think my players are quite good enough to go with a fast tempo style.

Do I hit short or long passes? Again, not sure if my players are good enough passers to pull off a long pass game, but then that may be totally the wrong view to take. Is that something that I really have to personalise per player? And if so, what stats do I look at?

Do I defend deep or shallow? With everyone pushing up, wingbacks etc, I'd think deep. Also setting stuff like if I am attacking down the right, my left defender hangs back (pretty sure I saw that you can set that).

Do I set a large amount of creativity or a small amount? I'm thinking mixed or small amount here, with setting players like Santa Cruz to a higher individual setting...

Man or zone marking? I only just read that zone marking is considered much harder and man marking easier, but by default my team was set to zone. Is Blackburn good enough to handle zone marking?

And how do I change my tactics between good teams and poor teams? Against a Man U or Chelsea (etc) I'd figure that I would defend deeper, runs forward less often and maybe play a 4-1-4-1 with a DM replacing a ST. Or would that really be silly, and I should stick to my strengths? I know KG said he turned things around by changing his away tactics a fair bit.

I know a lot comes down to knowing your players and their strengths and weaknesses, but I guess the issue is I don't know how the game handles them all, so I am not sure quite what to change when. Sometimes I think I am doing well (like coming back from 0-3 down to draw 3-3 and beating Liverpool 2-1) and other times I think I have no idea what I am doing (losing 3 matches in a row to stoke, Villa and Pompey).

07-09-2009, 09:46:24
at the most simple, you can just switch between the default formations. this will set up a whole bunch of team and individual settings all in one easy step.

so i often just switch to the deafult 4-4-2 diamond defensive when i play away and then make a couple of tweaks for specific players and for the opponent.

you should definitely tailor your overall tactics to your player skills, so you are going to have to make the call on things like short or direct passing based on how you think the squad shapes up. as a matter of principle though, 'long passing' means 'hoofing the ball up the pitch', i.e. the opposite of skill.

the key thing is that anything you set you will be able to see feedback on once the game starts. the 'assistant feedback' bit during the game is the most useful info. he will tell you if players aren't liking how they are being asked to play, or if they're misplacing short passes etc.

sadly there's no way i can cover this subject here in enough detail to do it justice. the fm forums are the place to go.

(also i am only an amateur at the game myself :D)

Greg W
07-09-2009, 15:39:54
Thanks for the tips. Thought I may indeed have to trawl through the forums, but was hoping that Fist or maybe yourself might have enough knowledge.

Kinda thought that hoofing the ball up the pitch might be the old "Wimbledon" game (gee, I think I got the team right, lol), and am thinking that for a team like Blackburn that a mixed style may be best. But yeah, I like the feedback, just have to figure out what some of it means. Or more importantly, how to counter some of it.

And in the end, was thinking that just playing, experimenting a bit and seeing what the results are may be the way to go. With maybe a wee bit of trawling thrown in.

Thanks though. :)