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Greg W
26-08-2009, 10:43:57
Well, after enjoying KG's thread about his exploits as manager for Newcastle, I was inspired to buy the game when I saw it on sale the other day. I have almost no idea what I am doing, having only briefly toyed with a much earlier version of the game.

However, the expectations are for a top half finish. Apparently the coaching staff think we are weakest in defense, so I have been having a looksee at who or what's available. Mainly starting with some Aussie players cos at least I have an idea about their names and abilities. I swear I could spend hours looking at different players and still be no wiser about what I want to do. :lol:

I have a 5 million transfer budget. Am thinking of grabbing a central defender at the very least and am seriously tempted to try to grab Robbie Fowler off Queensland Roar. Cept his physical stats seem to be pretty low, even if his other stats are pretty damned good.

Ah well, let's see what I can see. Any hints or advice greatly appreciated - as I said, I have very little idea what I am doing. :eek:

26-08-2009, 11:15:54
Who are you playing as? Blackburn?

Greg W
26-08-2009, 11:39:12
Ah, yes. Gave away the clue in the title, and then plum forgot to mention it in the details. :cute:

So far am having fun just trying to sign someone. Got a few offers accepted by clubs, but don't seem to be able to offer acceptable wages. :(

May have to offload Santa Cruz to free up some cash (and probably wages), but would prefer to keep him if possible.

Greg W
26-08-2009, 12:17:20
Trying to get used to transfers. Seems that a player valued at 1.6 million, the club want 7 million for. And when you finally get a bid accepted, a player currently on 17k a week won't settle for 33k a week. :cry:

26-08-2009, 12:22:08
Look for players who don't have long left on their contracts, or who are unhappy for some reason.

Also they might not want to come to you for some reason. Already at a bigger club, want to move to a bigger club or something.

26-08-2009, 13:02:01
...May have to offload Santa Cruz....

Do. Not. Do. That.

Greg W
26-08-2009, 13:47:42
Yeah, I am thinking that might not be a good idea. :lol:

First friendly, and a 5-0 win against Cercle Brugges when the pundits were predicting a draw. Man of the Match performance from Tugay and a good match from Santa Cruz.

Goals from Santa Cruz, McCarthy, Tugay and Reid as well as an own goal from an Emerton cross. The opposition hit the bar twice and went close one other time, but we were all over them. :beer:

Greg W
26-08-2009, 14:33:19
Well, a 2-0 away win at St Mirren, two early goals from Santa Cruz before I subbed half the team as I kinda only realised later that this match was only 2 days after the last friendly! :eek:

26-08-2009, 14:33:48

Sounds like you've got addicted.

Greg W
26-08-2009, 15:01:58
It is fun, although I still profess to not know a heck of a lot about whether what I am doing is right or not. Just trying to use my knowledge from having played for 15 odd years and watched a lot to set tactics and the like. Dreading to see how I go once the friendlies finish and the Premier League begins. :nervous:

Made my first signing, Jonny Magallon, a Mexican Central defender. My coach said he'd be equivalent to our "normal" central defender (forget his name), but he has much better stats. We shall see how he goes. Offloaded my Kiwi Central Defender to make room for him. Cost of 4 mil, he better perform. :p

Weirdly enough I have 5 friendlies in 12 days! :eek:

26-08-2009, 15:03:36
It might be that he'll get fatted out of the way by big premiership forwards.

Greg W
26-08-2009, 15:41:46
Let's hope he doesn't come up against Viduka then... :D

4-0 friendly win over Inverness CT. 2 goals to Roberts, 1 to Reid, 1 to Warnock. Vince Grella red carded, very harshly I thought!

So far I am discovering that my favourite players are:
Santa Cruz
Emerton (creates a lot, runs all day)
Reid (great with Tugay in the center)

Apparently my key man in the match was my new signing, Jonny Magallon, so signs are promising early! I am almost dreading the start to the season proper though when I have to face Premiership teams! :nervous:

Greg W
26-08-2009, 16:22:02
And a 2-0 win over Hearts! Santa Cruz and Reid the scorers. Great game again by Magallon, rating 7.6, highest rating for the team and looking like a great buy! :beer:

And yes, in case you can't tell, this is probably going to be updated a bit more often than KGs thread. :D

26-08-2009, 16:24:10
How are Dunn and Pedersen doing?

Greg W
26-08-2009, 16:29:29
Dunn hasn't been able to get much of a look in with Tugay and Reid playing so well. Pedersen has been doing pretty well down the left, solid every game so far. Diouf is playing well, though seems to be losing a lot of condition fairly quickly and even had a bit of a whinge about it. Sook. :p

Greg W
27-08-2009, 05:22:52
A 2-0 friendly win over Hamilton. Finally gave Oojier and Dunn some match time as I kinda overlooked them. Told ya I was a newp. :cute:

Goals to McCarthy and Keith Andrews as I rested the sook, Santa Cruz and a few others.

Am finding that we create a lot of our play down the flanks. Emerton has been consistently one of our best players, and Garnst-Pederson, Warnock and co have been helping too. Tugay creates most of the play down the middle and Reid has been no slouch to date down the middle either. Am thinking that if I buy another forward, it'll be someone very good in the air as we seem to get a lot of crosses in.

Only just discovered too that you can give players individual tactics during the game from the tactics screen. There's a lot of stuff hidden behind the scenes that I am no doubt yet to discover. Lord alone knows I have barely scratched the surface of scouting and transfers...

One more friendly at Luton, then at home to Wigan and Sunderland to kick the season off. :beer:

Greg W
27-08-2009, 06:11:37
3-0 against Luton. Goals to Santa Cruz (most influential player), Magallon (who got man of the match - great buy to date) and Dunn.

This was an interesting match played on a narrow pitch and my players didn't like it as much as playing on wide pitches. When Reid got injured I played around with a central midfielder and a defensive central midfielder (playing behind a flat 3) rather than my usual flat 4 and we were far less creative.

One issue I am finding is that I have a lot of players with somewhat specialised positions. For instance, Reid is my only first team player that can cover for Diouf at Right Midfield. Yeah, they can play out of position, but a midfielder who could play anywhere from left to center or right would be ideal. Well, except I have almost used my transfer budget (waiting on one offer to see if it comes through). :cute:

Still learning a lot, but it has been fun. :D

Also thinking that my wonder run of not conceding a goal will end shortly. After Wigan and Sunderland I am away to West Ham and Tottenham...

27-08-2009, 07:50:17
Bring on the real deal with official matches :p

Greg W
27-08-2009, 07:51:06
Knew it, conceeded a goal 3 minutes into the first match! And Santa Cruz being injured 16 mins in didn't help at all. Nor did me not realising that the team selection brought things down to 6 subs. Stupid screen seemed to show 12, then I get into the match and only have 6 subs including no spare striker!

Shambolic newp mistake! :eek:

Anyways, goals to Andrews and Garnst-Pederson salvaged things and an injury time free kick from Tugay just sailed over the bar. But, posession 40-60 their way in a home match was not good enough. Looking for some improvement next week. Especially from the Keeper, who let in a shocker to Zaki when he missed the ball outside the box!

Final result 2-2 draw.

Greg W
27-08-2009, 08:47:32
Bloody frustrating game. :bash:


Second match ended 1-1 with Sunderland. Again we went a goal behind, again possession was 40-60. This time it was Santa Cruz who pulled one back. Weird thing was that I gave the players instructions to close certain players down (Cisse and Emerson - who they got on loan - in particular). However so many times in the highlights they were left with oodles of space! :bash:

Signed a 22 year old Dutch L/C/R Defensive midfielder in Lees Luijckx which made things somewhat easier to switch around players when a sub had to be made. Had an ok debut.

Need to do something about this possession though, I am not going to win games with 40% of the ball! Especially playing at home!

Greg W
27-08-2009, 09:28:36
League Cup 2nd round match against Leicester. 3-0 win to see us through to the third round. Goals to Garnst Pedersen, Emerton (who got man of the match) and Santa Cruz.

Played slightly differently this match, going back to the defensive midfielder I tried earlier as the game preview said I'd need to defend in depth and fight for any room on a narrow pitch. Seemed to help somewhat, though I still only got 46% possession for the match.

Still have a couple of players that are unhappy (reports say they're unable to fit in). NFI what to do about them, other than give them some game time.

27-08-2009, 09:32:06
It's not how much possession you have it's how you use it :p

27-08-2009, 09:33:10
I haven't played the latest version so I'm sure there are tons of options I don't know about. Are you playing direct? That reduces your possession over passing.

These premiership games should be a bit harder than the 3rd rate opposition you were playing in friendlies.

27-08-2009, 09:36:36
Well short passes + slow tempo gain you possession if that's what you want.

27-08-2009, 09:39:39
possession isn't everything, defend well and counter attack can be effective, especially away from home.

Greg W
27-08-2009, 10:15:33
Funko, my normal style (that worked in the warm ups) was a 4-4-2. Central defenders dropping back, wing backs and all midfielders pushing up the pitch. Worked wonders in the warm up matches, but having more issues in the EPL as you'd expect. Away from home I don't mind 40% so much, it's at home that worries me some...

Well, played away to West Ham and lost 0-1 to an injury time goal! :bash:

Fiddled around a bit and played a 4 - 2 - 3 - 1, late in the game switched to a 4 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1. We kept more possession ( :cute: ) but only really had the one chance to score (on the highlights anyway). West Ham were all over us though and it could easily have been 3-0 or more. 16 shots to 5 says it all. Teach me to play only one striker I guess. :cute:

Beni McCarthy is annoyed cos I sold his friend, Mokoena. Ah, the joys of being a manager. :lol:

Ah wel, am having fun playing around and seeing as it is my first game, I am not too worried how I go. All good learning experience. :)

One thing someone may be able to answer - youth players (in particular under 18s - 21s). They have stats much lower than their older counterparts (understandable). Is there any way to tell if they will come good, or is it a bit of a lottery?

27-08-2009, 10:43:26
Every player has a potential ability (along with a current one) which tells how much he can improve (depends on your training how he develops).
It's hidden though so you can't really tell if he'll become good or not.

Get a good scout/coach with 19/20 in potential ability and have a look of what he says about that player ;)

Greg W
27-08-2009, 10:47:08
I might look at that then. Only problem being I already have 11 coaching staff and they won't let me hire any more. :cry:

Current highest Potential is 15. Could sack someone I guess, I've been offloading a few players. :cute:

Greg W
29-08-2009, 04:20:11
Oh my, be still my palpitating heart!

Played away to Tottenham. Possession went more my way, I actually held 53% of the ball. Shots however went Tottenham's way. 20 to 3! Brought in a new Forward just before the Transfer window closes, Kilkin(?) Fonseca, had a decent start with a 7 rating.

But yes, 20 shots to Tottenham (6 on target), 3 shots to me (all on target). And yet it was Santa Cruz who opened the scoring in the 9th minute! Modric, who gave us problems all day despite orders to tightly mark him and close him down at all times, equalised on the 25th minute. David Dunn then put us ahead in the 30th minute to lead 2-1.

I then sat through 60 agonising minutes, watching Tottenham create chance after chance. Robinson had to save a bunch! At about the 75 minute mark I bought on some defensive midfielders for my tiring center midfield and for Fonseca, moved everyone back into defensive roles to play a 4 - 1 - 4 - 1 (kind of) formation. Seemed to cut down on chances late in the match, which was good.

And finally the whistle blew, we had won our first match of the year! Dragged us form 16th up to 8th, though it is very early days yet. To date, leading the table are

1 Chelsea P4 W4 D0 L0 12 pts
2 Newcastle P4 W3 D0 L1 9 pts
3 Man U P4 W2 D2 L0 8 pts
4 Portsmouth P4 W2 D2 L0 8 pts
8 Blackburn P4 W1 D2 L1 5 pts

29-08-2009, 07:20:04
Congrats on your first win!

You play better away than at home? :D

Greg W
29-08-2009, 14:37:10
Thanks. :beer:

I know, bizarro world where I play better away than at home. May have been my speech to them last match when I told them it simply wasn't good enough. *shrugs*

Also discovered this morning for the first time that you can assign individual orders to players for how they react in certain situations. The game gets deeper the more I get into it, must have a play around with that next time I play.

Might help if I read the manual too. :cute:

Also keep seeing little hints like the most important attribute for your captain is Influence (makes sense, just hadn't even considered it). And really need to look into giving players individual training regimes too.

I can see me spending hours on this game just setting stuff up, let alone watching actual matches...

Greg W
30-08-2009, 11:20:38
Next match was Liverpool at home, fortunately a Liverpool team missing Gerrard (think he was rested as Liverpool played in Europe during the week), Torres (through injury) and Kuyt (no idea). Santa Cruz scored a double in 3 minutes to have us ahead 2-0 after 31 mins. Yet despite supposedly conceding 14(7 on target) shots to 7(3), all the highlights seemed ot be ours. Shows I shouldn't just watch the highlights. ;)

Pachero scored for Liverpool on 75 mins and I switched around a few players, going back to a 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation, trying to flood the midfield with 5 players to hold the game. And we held out for a 2-1 win!

The win pushes us up to 6th, just ahead of Man City, Arsenal and Everton. Liverpool drop down to 17th with just one win in 4 matches!

Villareal boss Pelegrini was spotted in the stands and has been keen on signing Santa Cruz who now has 5 goals in 6 appearances (10 in 10 if you include friendlies)!

Greg W
30-08-2009, 12:11:36
Next up was a League Cup match against Coca Cola Cup team Burnsley, currently running 2nd. My Mexican central defender and striker were away on international duty!

An early goal to Kees Luijckx after 5 mins was canceled out by Bobby Hassell after 14 mins and stayed 1-1 to half time. Early minor injuries had me replace David Dunn (5 mins) and Santa Cruz (half time). After 48 mins, Garnst-Pedersen was injured, leading me to use my last sub! Fortunately we scored after 52 mins with a goal to McCarthy (later named man of the match), but then Adranik equalised on 62 mins, with my goal scores Luijckx being injured in the process, leaving me with 10 men and a 2-2 scoreline.

This led to a strange 4 - 3 -1 - 1 formation with few players out of position somewhat. I was fearing the worst. Fortunately for me Jason Roberts scored on 65 mins and we managed to hold on with 10 men for 28 mins to win the match!

These second division sides are getting tricky! Not playing around with playing reserve sides too much yet as my players were all 90% or better condition. Might have to start soon if I get this many injuries!

Greg W
30-08-2009, 12:51:34
Oh my. :lol:

Played away to Chelsea. Started with a 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation and actually managed to keep Chelsea scoreless for 31 mins until Drogba chimed in with a goal. The highlights for pretty much the entire game were watching Chelsea attack and either miss or see see my players save them. Don't think I saw a single shot on goal by my team apart from a free kick that went well wide.

Game ended up 0-1 with 31(11) shots to 3(0) and you could even tell from the highlights that Chelsea were just a class above me. Beautiful touches on the ball, great interceptions all the while my players were more likely to pass the ball straight to the opposition. :o

Greg W
30-08-2009, 13:47:10
Funny game football. :D

Played Man City at home. 2-0 up after 35 mins with goals to Fonseca and Luijckx until Richard Dunne pulled one back for Man City after 38 mins. Luisckjx picked up a brilliant 2nd goal on 62 mins with a 30 yard shot from the right that curled inside the upright. Stephen Ireland was then sent off in the 68th minute, giving me some hope we'd hold out. But Man City seemed to pick up and Vagner Love scored in the 73rd minute to make the last 21 minutes (including playing 4 mins 57 of a scheduled 3 mins overtime :bash: ) rather tense.

Despite 15(7) to 5(3) shots and 59% to 41% possession against me, we ran out 3-2 winners! :beer:

Greg W
30-08-2009, 14:50:39
Funny game football. :D:lol:

Played Newcastle away. First 40 mins or so was ok, nothing untoward, playing my usual 4-4-2. Then Martins scores after 42, followed by Owen at 44. And then Nicky Butt at 54. 0-3 down, not looking good. :(

So I switched out Luijckx who was playing a pretty ordinary game, for Benny McCarthy. Playing in a now 4-3-1-2 formation, figuring if I am down 0-3 I may as well go down trying to drag a few back.

McCarthy scores after 68 mins. Then again on 83 mins. Then Garnstd Pedersen scores after 86 mins. 3-3. :eek:

Checked Newcastle's formation and they had pushed up to be playing 4-2-4. :eek: Chances at either end in the last 10 mins, but the game ended 3-3. What a bizarre game. :lol: :beer:

Greg W
30-08-2009, 15:29:53

Lost 2-1 away to Stoke. Disappointing effort by a lot of the players, though I am not so sure that me playing my usual 4-4-2 with wingbacks wasn't somewhat to blame on a narrow pitch. Might have to rethink tactics on narrow grounds in the future.

About the only good thing was McCarthy scoring almost as soon as he came on to level 1-1, but an 87th minute goal to James Beattie, who was given miles of space sealed a win for Stoke who scored only their 2nd win of the year. :(

Greg W
30-08-2009, 16:03:25
And now lost 0-1 away to 4th (now 5th) placed Aston Villa in what even the commentators described as a terrible game. Currently sitting 12th on the table.

Did try and play a 4-1-3-2 formation on another narrow pitch and am not sure it helped a heck of a lot. Also started with McCarthy who then decided to have a poor game. Maybe he's just a specialist sub. ;)

After 10 rounds, leading the table is Man U on 24, Chelsea on 23, Arsenal, Everton and Villa on 20. Propping up the table are Liverpool and Fulham on 8, Sunderland on 7 and West Ham on 5 (and I gave them 3 of those :( )...

Greg W
31-08-2009, 02:34:38
And now a 0-1 loss at home to Portsmouth, who are currently running 6th! Roughly even stats in terms of shots and possession. Santa Cruz continues his goalless drought, it has now been 9 hours without a goal, which the press say appears to be effecting his confidence! :eek:

We're definitely in a form slump. :(

Greg W
01-09-2009, 15:41:02

0-0 at home to Middlesborough. We dominated in attack, 17(6) shots to 6(1) with 3 clear cut chances to nil. Didn't help that my best player, Garnst Pedersen got injured twice, Reid was so exhausted he had to be subbed and another major injury to David Dunn meant that I was hamstrung in terms of tactical changes for the last 30 mins. And Roberts who had been scoring goals galore in the Reserve team played poorly when brought on.

This game certainly gets you going though, I was swearing at the screen at times. :lol:

Santa Cruz now 10.5 hours plus without a goal. He had 7 shots today, 4 on target. How different things could be going if he could put one away... :bash: