View Full Version : After a bit of a favour (Hearts of Iron 3)...

Greg W
12-08-2009, 14:58:13
Looking to get a hardcopy of Hearts of Iron 3 due to my crappy ISP likely shitting itself if I try and download the thing. Not to mention it likely taking forever. It's not due to be published in Oz until late September, and I am not sure I can wait that long. :(

So, just wondering if someone from the States or perhaps the old dart could grab me a copy and post it off to me in lurvely downtown Australia. Will cover all costs involved (and no, heading down to the pub beforehand to get the courage up to go buy the game doesn't count). Let me know, PM or otherwise. Ta. :beer:

Greg W
13-08-2009, 13:05:32
Damn, 11 views, no replies. :(