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24-06-2009, 17:41:37
Tag... you're it

24-06-2009, 17:42:47
I like Settlers and Puerto Rico.


24-06-2009, 19:07:45
Venom mowing his lawn


24-06-2009, 19:13:32
My new favorite site for the hour

Remember how in middle school there was always that one kid who seemed a little bit crazy? The one who would sit in the back of every class and carve obscenities into his desk and draw nutty shit all over his homework and whose responses to every question were usually some combination of sarcasm and a Tourette’s outburst? And how you were always filled with dread on those days when he would somehow get his hands on something dangerous like a pocket knife or a lighter and start fucking around, lighting his binder on fire and shit like that, because you really, REALLY did not want to die in the back row of your seventh-grade history class at the hands of a 12-year-old budding sociopath?

Well, looks like he grew up to be a tattoo artist. Step right up for your multi-headed dragon. It even looks like it was drawn with a #2 pencil! He can also do army men with machine guns, mushroom clouds, and the Metallica logo.