View Full Version : Anyone play Tropico? coz I just got it (bargain basement job) Your thoughts Plis.

15-05-2002, 14:02:08
Like the title sez... your thoughts? Personally, I'm intrigued, I would descibe the game as Political Stratergy game... and I'm quite impressed with how the 'political creature' that is the players regime, and its relationship with the populace has been modelled. Its a very Simmy game, and I don't usually go for the Simmy game style (always building things, constantly building and micro-managing, and no Armies or Invasions or Superweapons to make it all meaningful!) but so far I'm still playing Tropico.

I'm even more looking forward to R:TR now! First Person political stratergy game!

15-05-2002, 14:23:13
I've got it, but I've not played it in several months. Pretty fun game.

15-05-2002, 17:52:49
haven't played it in maybe a week, very fun. I keep coming back to it, I think because I don't have any other games "just like it".

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
15-05-2002, 18:45:40
I had to remove it from my tiny harddrive so I could install some other stuff (I'm currently playing a copy of Planescape: Torment I picked up for $5) but with a bigger harddrive I'd be playing it every now and again. It's good, especially the music, which drives my wife mad. Huepa!

The Shaker
15-05-2002, 20:59:08
Yeah fun fun fun, but then again not played it in a while.
Assassination asassination.

15-05-2002, 21:25:44
I only have the Demo, and I enjoyed that, but I so far I have had enough other games to play that I haven't gone out to buy the full version.

16-05-2002, 13:17:31
I saw the expansion pack in the shops, might consider getting it, specially if it allows you to grow "illigal crops" to export for extra cash.

-Eliminate, eliminate.

16-05-2002, 15:21:51
Don't recall that being a feature? anyone know if it is?

16-05-2002, 18:39:49
No, although I made a post on the CafeTropico forums once when the original game came out about a cheat code that allowed you to do just that. Caught a few people with it, even though the code was 'gullible'. :)

20-05-2002, 15:25:09
Tropico is great. If I had any time for games nowadays, that's what I'd play.

Come to think of it, I really don't have time for bulletin boards, either.