View Full Version : Braid

Scabrous Birdseed
11-06-2009, 22:08:20
Anyone play this? I just got it and it's got some fairly intricate and interesting puzzling. World 4 is annoying as hell though.

12-06-2009, 00:53:18
My friend showed me it.

It looked good.

If I was into that sort of game, it would have looked awesome.


23-06-2009, 12:05:07
i'm kinda with jm. seen the amazing reviews, had some recommendations from friends but it's just not really my kind of thing.

23-06-2009, 17:18:10
If (like me) you're the kind of person who is intrigued by this game, but doesn't think they'd enjoy actually playing it, then I can thoroughly recommend this:

It's a video playthrough of the game with subtitled commentary from the guy who's playing it. Very interesting, and you can even see the vids in full screen HD. Excellent stuff.