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11-06-2009, 21:41:37
This is a book by that psychologist person who has rosen to a status of demigod here for some reason...
Anyway he's dealing with death.

He claims that all, whatever anxiety we have is about death and dying.
That's where it all comes from. It manifests differently to different people but the source is the fear of death.

Since I think he doesn't believe in life after death he bases his book on the works of epicurus an ancient philosopher a bit cold ass square unromantic logical deduction freak guy.

What epicurus says is that: soul doesn't exist after death 2. when we die it's like it was before we were born and 3. there is no conciousness whatsoever after death.

So being this happy person that I am, I think, well, if I die now, let's say my heart stops and baaang my head falls on the keyboard and no more paiktis, then I'd have no trouble because I won't be conscious to feel like I was in trouble. And you'd have my texts to remember me by. Untill the server crashes or whatever.

Anyway and there was this woman who had kids (so that doesnt stop the fear of dying) and yalom was sitting his arse next to her and was telling her the epicurus philosophies about death.

But, HA what really calmed that woman was not epicurus or yalom's description of his philosophy (in fact she said that yalom was "cold" in his approach) but what calmed her was the fact that there was another human being next to her.

11-06-2009, 21:55:14
i am reading about epicurus in wiki. it's really interesting.

11-06-2009, 21:59:06
oh and where he says about gods not caring about us? he just mentions gods (i'm sure he believed they didnt exist) so as not to have the same fate as others who were condemned for "offending the gods" (like socrates) at a time of upheaval after the peloponesian war if i'm not mistaken where the athenian arses were much tighter than usual because everyone was pissed that the spartans won. so they were saying we did something bad and pissed the gods thath's why they punished us by letting the spartans defeat us. a similar trait comes after the fall of constantinople

11-06-2009, 22:06:20
ok, epicurianism has some nice traits. ataraxia through the absence of pain. and living well and justly which is only achieved through living pleasantly and vice versa.
what i don't agree with is that we should be low profile. we should make a bang, leave a stain as big a tomato sauce when we leave, not going quietly.
but i can see his point. i guess. very self centered but ultimately whole

11-06-2009, 22:11:56
maybe getting a cat would also work