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11-06-2009, 01:23:39
Ok, this is how an american sees europe. A cheap thrill approach.
I suppose if I was to see some story about texas and banjos and alamo and indians and whatever that would be cool. because i wouldn't know much about it and it would be exotic.
but this... come on.
for people who live in the whereabaouts, there's nothing exotic about capela sistina or rome or italy or whatever. it's like neighborhood. you go to drink a cappuccino with your illegal girlfriend.
too much from an non-european point of view...
nothing as exciting as the previous one where you had the earthshattering proposition that jesus had children.

ok so the illuminati and bullshit and catholic church YAWN!

even the actors i think were bored, thinking what kind of crap are we playing in?

although that got me thinking.

when was the splendor of athens destroyed?

it was not during the romans, they respected it.

oh no.
it was during byzanium!
yes! the church!

theodosios hired a goth of all people, alaricus to chase the nationalists, the greeks that still followed the dodecatheon.

and he wrecked havoc all over the place. christians destroyed all the statues and all the temples...

and yes we should see this as a progression, christian temples built on top of ancient temples but it was a devastation that noone had done before.

what is this?
ancient gods were cruel and self centered, like humans.

the christian god was merciful and based on love.
that was a progression no doubt.

but what did it happen next?

thousand of years of holding back science. medieval times in the rest of europe, a double theocratic impirialistic system here and no progress.
it was after the established christian churches lost their grasp that science started again to flourish and it was again through a return to ancient freedom and ideas.

not to sound bitter but it must have taken a good 2 millenia for europe to stand back on its feet and absorb and make it its own body christianity.

11-06-2009, 01:37:41
and i'm sorry but i don't see how a pityful few sorry sods would not only hold a grudge against the catholic church but infilitrate it to such a point where they'd do so much damage. who cares about the catholic church anymore??!!! (and any church for that matter - unless you're some meta-byzantium russian political elite and even so you care about the orthodox church because it's fashion, it goes nicely with luis vuitton)
besides if the illuminati (what a gay name - do they dance in the pride parade too?) were the ones who advocated science why on earth would they want to "avenge" (sic) the catholic church? They won! loud and clear and miles from here.

11-06-2009, 01:40:59
oh yeah. sorry they were not the illuminatemydicknati it was the evil wanna be pope.
anyway nice explosions

19-07-2009, 19:31:39
you meant Angels & Demons hah