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10-06-2009, 12:49:26
This is a "sensitive" movie. So it has to be seen in a place and time of serenity, calm and sweet air carressing timidly the half cut grass in the meddow and not in hectic wild run for your life anxiety situation.

If the correct setting is achieved then I think that movie can be enjoyed.
It's about a love story carrefully interwinged with nazi situations somewhere in Germany. It has to do with illiteracy, kindness of heart, emotional intelligence, sex and fications. But fixations not of the modern era but of a more primature and perpetual post modern setting which makes them less absolute, more humane and ultimately dignified.

There is a woman, Hanna, who gets involved with a boy Michael who is 16 years old only whereas she is much older.

They make sweet lurv and he reads to her.

I will not spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it so I won't post what happens next which is truely original as an evolution of that relationship in the context of post second world war Germany.

You have to see it.

There are many thoughts which were born while reading the movie.
Mostly the dignity of Hanna (who was working for the nazis but in a low post - as a guard - position) in face of her personal shame and how that interwebbed with a realization of what took place during her guarding years.
Anyway you have to see it, it's really good. A friend gave it to me on DVD, I think it's not very recent. Maybe it got an oscar or more? It desrves it I think.

19-07-2009, 19:33:10
The girl from Reading is wearing a triangle wig