View Full Version : I bel3ve da kidz r r futr

08-06-2009, 14:38:34

Customer reviews of this phone are mostly, I hope, from children. I can barely read some of them. Most are just stupid, some, unintentionally hilarious commentary on the state of the modern world.

First, the careful driver. I see this bastard daily on the 270 spur, fucker can't stay in his lane, and we're only going 25 mph. Its because he's NOT LOOKING AT THE FUCKING ROAD. Nevermind my safety, he's gotta text sum1 about the English test he just failed.

I got this phone 3 days ago and its great! I did have problems where mine wouldnt do what I told it to at first but it was probably cuz i was driving.:bash:

Possible this guy is having sex with the phone:

i have had this fone for a week, and i must say this is an amazing fone. it's easy to understand, fast internet. i have the internet and email at my finger tips. just hit a button and it's there. the touch screen is fantastic, i love the vibration response, it lets me know that it responded to my touch

and this... excelent... review by sk8a, who doesn't drop his phone, much.

ok i got this fone 1 week ago, and i love it. it iz so ez to use and i figured evrything in a hour. the battery iz ok, and ive gone 3 days withouch charging it. as for the freezing, dont worry bout it, cuz it unfreazez in like 2 minutes with no harm done. i havent droppd it much, but i have a case incase i do. camera iz a breaze and takes great fotos. yes buy this fone, cuz u wont regret it.

I feel better now.