View Full Version : give me a call when the forum is black again

23-05-2009, 16:02:14
its just too gay like this.

23-05-2009, 16:18:30
I notice you like the nerd smilie though.

The Mad Monk
23-05-2009, 16:21:34
It looks black to me, try adjusting your monitor.

Sirius Black
23-05-2009, 18:04:49
Try coloring your monitor with magic marker.

23-05-2009, 18:23:27
He's probably on the default style which isn't black. Some of the other styles are black. The "Dark" style isn't that bad... but some of the areas are still white. I think I can fix that relatively quickly.

Sirius Black
23-05-2009, 18:47:21
Yeah... and it has a lot of blue... what's up with that?

23-05-2009, 18:56:13
This looks too generic.


Provost Harrison
23-05-2009, 19:43:58
Well this scheme (Dark Default) isn't too bad in terms of the colours, but the reply boxes are still way, way too bright which is quite dazzling when you're used to looking at a dark screen...

Sirius Black
23-05-2009, 21:28:07
Yeah, its like white teeth on an Englishman.

Provost Harrison
23-05-2009, 21:54:53
Yeah, its like white teeth on an Englishman.

You're going to get such a slap, sunshine :p

The Management
24-05-2009, 07:18:32
Fixed most of the quick reply, the standard text editor controls looked shit dark so I've left them.