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21-05-2009, 15:09:50
Funny Goat Story - No Kidding! (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6623895.stm)

:funko: (pretend goat)

21-05-2009, 15:20:11
It was very sad to have herd the ram-ifications, butt the motto of the tail is not to get horny with your goat.
- Jonathan Hall, Magor, South Wales


21-05-2009, 15:21:50
Always a clue that the story's old when the BBC website is an older design. ;)

21-05-2009, 15:45:52
But still funny!

Or should that be 'Butt'?:D

Provost Harrison
24-05-2009, 13:05:12
Rose found supporters around the world who, thanks to the internet and particularly this website's "Most E-mailed" function, kept her plight in the public mind for much of her short marriage. Friends would joke about how she had reached the end of her tether, about whether the couple would have any kids, and if they did, whether they would employ a nanny. Others pointed out that the tale got their goat, or wondered whether Tombe had become a "goatee".

I don't think those jokes would work in Arabic...

(PHd complete :D)

Resource Consumer
25-05-2009, 21:36:49
I reckon the key between the "Z" and the "C" doesn't work on M's keyboard :p