View Full Version : Xbox is now $199

15-05-2002, 06:05:33
Effective immediately Xbox can be found in the US at $199, and should be around $320CDN in Canada.

Japan prices have also dropped to 24,800 yen ($193US).

8MB Memory cards are now $29.99 US (who needs those?), and Oddworld: Munchs Oddysee, NFL Fever, Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, Nightcaster, NBA Inside Drive and Azurik retail for $29.99 US.


www.ebgames.com is already selling at the new price

15-05-2002, 06:16:05
In an interview on IGNCube Nintendo said they have no plans to drop prices any time soon.

That means the Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox are all $199.

Of course, GC and PS2 essentially require you to buy memory cards, so their relative prices are higher, accordingly. :cute: And even more money for equipment if you want to play online. :cute:

15-05-2002, 11:04:26
Well, here in Europe the gamecube is still 70 cheaper.

15-05-2002, 11:09:33
Yeah, GC in UK is very cheap compared to Ex-Box/PS2.

Come on Sony, drop those trousers (prices)...

15-05-2002, 16:25:29
I am seriously considering buying a GameCube—it has an ISS, it has Pikmin, it has a Super Smash Brothers.

15-05-2002, 17:51:23
You know, in Canada, all systems are $185US right now? :D

15-05-2002, 18:07:37
So? GC is $182 US over here.

15-05-2002, 18:30:32
That's good, but GC isn't very popular in NA (although Europe seems to love it).

Xbox and PS2 have always been cheaper in Canada than the US. It makes me wonder if the bigwigs have any idea what the exchange rate is?

15-05-2002, 18:32:21
They just know that Canadian dollars are worthless.

15-05-2002, 18:33:49
I have also heard that the Cube’s ISS is one of the crap FIFA-esque ones, rather than the One True Footy Game.