View Full Version : Asher, a Shewfelt friend needs your help...

13-05-2009, 22:34:05


13-05-2009, 22:58:52
The last time I fucked one of Shewfelt's friends, the friend videotaped it and sent the tapes to Shewfelt. Shewfelt then started stalking me to see The Masterpiece in person and wouldn't take no for an answer. There's a restraining order out.

13-05-2009, 22:59:54
Also, he needs to be a lot more specific. Saying it's in SQL is just like saying I've got a doohickey on my countertop and I need to make it sing, any suggestions...

13-05-2009, 23:10:05
He was on bluehost. And now it all blew up. He had a super amount of content. And is trying to get it Wordpress.

I am general banned from all of wordpress or would ask for more info. Can you pleeeeeeze go help him?

13-05-2009, 23:19:31
Bluehost is, as the name describes, a hosting service. that means nothing.

There's probably a tool written for it. If there's no existing WordPress importer it'd take a familiarity with WordPress towrite one, which I don't have

13-05-2009, 23:35:36
Just talk to him, please...

14-05-2009, 00:17:34
I'm shouting but I'm not hearing anything in return.

14-05-2009, 02:26:12
There are a couple people offering suggestions to him, now.

14-05-2009, 02:36:06

TCO you crack me up. You disappear forever to reappear to ask for a 3 month ban to stop you from posting. Are you Dutch?

I think you and Asher are secretly in love.

14-05-2009, 03:33:41
I like you too. I'm self self banned. Flesh is just weak...

14-05-2009, 03:52:15
This place is great except for Venom, Darkstar and Alsieboo.

Sirius Black
14-05-2009, 03:54:38
And me. :(

14-05-2009, 04:10:44
No, you are one of the best posters.

Sirius Black
14-05-2009, 04:13:29
Really? :love:

Greg W
14-05-2009, 04:24:45
To be fair, Sirius, there's not a whole lot of competition...

So, is this when we're supposed to shit all over TCO cos he came back?

14-05-2009, 06:30:24
Originally posted by Lurker
This place is great except for Venom, Darkstar and Alsieboo.


14-05-2009, 06:34:28
It means he likes you.


14-05-2009, 15:14:19
:lol: I forgot about this. I was just picking on alsie b/c she was showing up as online. Besides, that's an honorable list to be included in.

Well, maybe not.