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15-04-2009, 23:17:29
Just downloaded it from the internet 'cause there's nowhere to be found elsewhere. It's with kaitel and winslet. The critics absolutely buried it.

Although that got me thinking of a phrase that I've been searching to find to whom it belongs (voltaire or pagnol) where the author stated "what would be of romeo and juliet if the latter had one once of fless less in the nose".

To translate: it means that physical beauty can make all the difference. If juliet had her nose cut in half (to speak crudely and be completely clear) then there probably wouldn't be a romance the likes of romeo and juliet which is reknowned the world over.

So is physical beauty or attraction of such great importance?

I think not. It has to do with a myriad of other things that ultimately make up infatuation or love or making the heart missing beats.

Ok that got me thinking about my next girl target. On one hand you've got that deep poet girl which has this earthly magic and on the other hand that 19 year old who keeps chasing me and is trying to hide under my wing so to speak.

Although I know none of the two will make me feel like the one who burned me (by a twist of fate I have a burn on my hand that is linked to her, so as to never forget her).

And ok it's that fresh breath of jasmine perfume that comes out of themouth of young girls that's the intoxicating factor. I see that now.

On the other hand you have that individed attention and admiration of a more "deep" girl that's also very inspiring.

But it's ultimately good to know you've reached your peak of infatuation with another previous girl and that you're sheltered for life from this earth shattering sky exploding feeling.

That's the point of holy smoke I think. Girls who are "mothers" will never get to give birth to that feeling. Like the one keitel ended up with.

26-04-2009, 20:04:36
hate the movie
love the book

24-05-2009, 03:16:43
I downloaded this movie and it was crap. Two thumbs down.