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Greg W
07-04-2009, 15:24:25
On the Fantasy Premier League ladder... 2 Unholy 19666 Mike Hunt 59 1666:eek:

07-04-2009, 15:38:52

07-04-2009, 15:39:18
I assume you're shocked 'cause I'm only second?

*End Is Forever*
07-04-2009, 21:47:10
I might point out at this point that I am top of the league :)

Greg W
08-04-2009, 00:55:46
Originally posted by Funko
I assume you're shocked 'cause I'm only second? I would call for an exorcism. Except you don't believe in ghosts/possession.

Then again, ah hah, you wouldn't, would you? Now I see a pattern, the truth is emerging! :eek:

08-04-2009, 13:15:44
Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
I might point out at this point that I am top of the league :)

Only because that portuguese cunt had his first really good points score for ages after I transferred him out.

He only did 2 things in the match and both were goals.

08-04-2009, 13:39:37
yeah i was a bit surprised at the 3 point bonus. one of his worst performances, despite his indisputable impact on the outcome.

08-04-2009, 13:44:49
Yeah. I thought there were a few really great performances that were more worthy of the bonuses.

They do tend to give players that get multiple goals the bonuses but I'd rather they were given to reward players who make a great contribution to the game but don't happen to perform any points scoring actions.

*End Is Forever*
08-04-2009, 23:14:49
Agree with that - Ronaldo has had a few questionable bonuses and Henry used to get the 3 extra points just for placing the ball on the centre-spot after half-time...