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27-03-2009, 12:07:39
Comment on the songs here! (You don't have to have submitted anything to tell us what you think)

Lazarus and the Gimp
28-03-2009, 11:43:32
1. Jenny Again - Tunng

Mine. Tuung are my favourite band to emerge over the last 5 years. Wildly inventive and outrageously talented, mixing macabre folk and glitchy electronica-it's pure genius.

2. We Just Wanna Dance - The Flirts

Pure pop/punk bubblegum. We could debate for hours whether it's good-dumb or just plain dumb. It starts promisingly, but ultimately the dumb wins. With a spot of wit or invention this would be great.

3. Peaches - The Stranglers

Is it safe to admit liking the Stranglers yet? It used to be social suicide. I thought they were often brilliant, and this is a classic. Yes, it's crude and borderline-misogny, but it's pulled off so well I can forgive it anything..

4. Burn The Liars - The Earlies

All those key shifts get on my nerves, and the psychedelic sections are an annoying distraction.

5. This Mortal Soil - Mastodon

Masturbation, but not in good ways. The sort of masturbation that leaves you wondering whether you'd have had more fun killing yourself whilst cupping a palmful of watery grey spooge. All that unnecessary over-complication takes the sense of purpose out of the song.

6. Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club

This irritated the tits off me in the 80s, and it hasn't improved with age. Takes me back to too many teenaged discos where I failed to snog anyone and just nursed a warm Top Deck shandy while feeling sad. Worst song on the playlist.

7. Give It Up Or Turnit a Loose - James Brown

In the soul/funk arena, I normally go for the looser Clinton-esque end of the spectrum. This is tighter than a gnat's chuff by comparison, but only a churl would deny that this is outrageously talented stuff.

8. Forclosure of a Dream - Megadeth

Thought I was going to hate this, given my typical reaction to METAL!, but it's actually a lot better than I thought it would be. It's a nicely-constructed song that avoids a lot of the genre cliches that really irritate that. The guitar solos are horrible, but that's a relatively minor blot on a rather good song.

9. Can't Stand Losing You - The Police

Can't stand The Police. "Hey! This reggae stuff is nice, but what a shame it's all made by darkies. How can we market it to the Aryan nations? And take out most of the interesting bits in the process? And launch the career of a mighty bell end at the same time?"

10. I'm On fire - Bats for Lashes

This is fantastic. I've heard of her, but never got round to listening. I never thought someone could cover Springsteen and make it sound so haunting. I feel a buying spree coming on.

11. Driveby Miss Daisy - Compton's Most Wanted

This is pretty good. I like the laid-back jazzy swing it's got going on, especially when coupled with the mental samples. It's like a rap take on a slightly less bonkers versio of Nurse With Wound.

12. Farmer in the City - Tilt

Mine. Haven't a clue what he's on about (his lyrics are famously oblique and packed to the gills with arcane references), but who cares when you can wallow in such heroic angst? From the notoriously "challenging" mid-90's album "Tilt".

13. Then You Walk In - Sammi Smith

Brief, sweet, and not much substance to it. A meringue. She's got a lovely voice, but there's not a great deal of emotion going into it.

14. Girls and Boys - The Subways


I imagine this would be all terribly exciting if I was 16 and wore too much make-up, but I'm not and I don't.

15. The Storm - The Retrosic

My third one. I've put quite a few old-school Industrial songs on previous LWP compilations, so I thought it was about time I flopped out a modern act. This is the sub-genre known as Aggrotech, which tends to produce a lot of pretty moronic OOONTZ! OOONTZ! dancefloor-fillers, but these guys are more adventurous than the norm. One of the best new Industrial acts I've discovered recently. Very popular with girls who have loads of facial piercings and lurid nylon hair.

Nills Lagerbaak
29-03-2009, 20:11:39
1. Jenny Again – Tunng
Nice track, imaginatively put together, I’ve seen Tuung a few times good stuff.

2. We Just Wanna Dance - The Flirts
Annoyingly 80s sounding seems extremely pointless to me. OMG was that a fake trumpet solo? I like to imagine that played on a trumpet shaped Casio keyboard.

3. Peaches - The Stranglers
Classic track, woulon’t consider myself a stranglers fan, but I bet they did other songs I like

4. Burn The Liars - The Earlies
Interesting, I like some of the effects but on the whole the song is too pretentious by far.
5. This Mortal Soil – Mastadon
One of mine, I really like this track; the album it’s from is masterfully put together. A Kind of a cross between Maiden and Pink Floyd if that’s possible to comprehend.

6. Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club

This is brilliant! I imagine it could have featured on Sesame street, maybe rapped by the ‘cast’.. I’d love to hear a live cover by some one like the Sugar Hill Gang

7. Give It Up Or Turnit a Loose - James Brown
Great track by the master, Phunky to the extreme.

8. Foreclosure of a Dream – Megadeth
Great band, great album. It’s a good track but I think I would have chosen the title track, still I really like the chorus riff, and whoever said Marty Friedman’s solo was shit needs to get a grip!

9. Can't Stand Losing You - The Police
Think this track and Message in a bottle are my favourite Police tracks. Apparently I saw them at Reading festival 1979 when I was two. Don’t remember any of it so it must have been good J

10. I'm On fire - Bats for Lashes
My second choice. Really like Bat for lashes particularly this cover. There is actually a band along with Natasha Khan, but they are kind of like a bad spinal tap joke (pretentiously tapping triangle seductively during the songs etc, and not much else), which is probably why this song is so good.

11. Driveby Miss Daisy - Compton's Most Wanted
Never heard of compton’s most wanted but this is a fantastic track love the minimalism with Jazz/Murder samples. .

12. Farmer in the City – Tilt
Interesting song. Like the atmosphere of this… a lot. I think I heard some Scott Walker on the way back from a festival once. Think I arrived home in a stranger condition than I had left the festival.

13. Then You Walk In - Sammi Smith
It doesn’t get any redder-necked than this does it? Hmm I liked the verse but the chorus dissapointed

14. Girls and Boys - The Subways
My final track. My favourite band from last years’ Reading festival. Was nice to hear a young band doing no nonsense rock for a change.

15. The Storm - The Retrosic

This is great. Not really into pure industrial myself, but if I was it’d be stuff like this!

Excellent compilation!

30-03-2009, 12:21:29
1. Jenny Again – Tunng

Love this song, I'm going to check out more of their stuff for sure.

2. We Just Wanna Dance - The Flirts

I can imagine them playing at Club Velocity when it was good and me absolutely loving them. Like an 80s girl version of the Ramones.

3. Peaches - The Stranglers

I quite liked this but now I've listened to this collection a few times, I find it drags a bit. There's no real defined verse or chorus it's relentless and it becomes monotonous after a while.

4. Burn The Liars - The Earlies

Mine! Found these guys 'cause they were on the Skins soundtrack (with a different song). Based half in the UK and half in the US, they collaborate musically via the interweb, which I thought was kind of apt for a LWP compilation. But I like this song too.

5. This Mortal Soil – Mastadon

We're supposed to listen without prejudice but as I know the artist I must admit my up front reaction is that Mastadon are one of those metal bands that give the genre a bad name so I had low expectations. They lived up to them. When bits of a song really won't go together without forcing it, why force it? It's all a bit of a mess.

6. Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club

This should be 2 or 3 minutes shorter. If it was half the length it'd be fantastic.

7. Give It Up Or Turnit a Loose - James Brown

It can be easy to dismiss the hype about classic artists like this or think they must be overrated if you don't listen to them for a while. Good to get a reminder. And just how good are his band? Yeah. Great stuff.

8. Foreclosure of a Dream – Megadeth

I put this on. I think Megadeth have always had a bit of a joke reputation. Even back in the 90s when I was in a dodgy teenage metal band I never listened to them much, 'cause I thought they were ludicrous. I blame the name. We listened to this album a lot though and it turns out they actually had quite a lot of good songs. Although my teenage self didn't mind Metallica's name? Odd. My favourite bit is when he apparently doesn't breath in the verse after the chorus.

9. Can't Stand Losing You - The Police

I go through phases with The Police. Sometimes I like them and other times I think "why the hell do you have that Police greatest hits?" I quite like it today.

10. I'm On fire - Bats for Lashes

Yeah, I like this a lot. It's a Springsteen cover right? Brilliantly done. Covers should really hook into the core of the song and do something different with it.

11. Driveby Miss Daisy - Compton's Most Wanted

So I was listening to a lot of Easy-E and NWA after the last LWP so Spotify suggested I might like Compton's Most Wanted, contemporaries of NWA. They were right. I did. So this is new to me and comes direct from last compilation's recommendations. There's quite a lot of good songs from them but this one really stood out as a bit different. And the awful pun in the title appealed a bit too.

12. Farmer in the City – Tilt

It's about pontoon is it? I normally quite like Laz's more far out submissions but this might just be a bit too challenging. Very intense and certainly interesting. I don't really know how I feel about it.

13. Then You Walk In - Sammi Smith

I always used to say I hated country, I've been converted a bit since. Americana LWP was really good... my brother's educated my ear to some degree too. But this is what I used to think all country was like, you know, when I didn't like it. Sorry.

14. Girls and Boys - The Subways

I think I might have caught their set at Reading last year and think they were quite good, not sure now. Don't love or hate this much either way really. Not bringing anything new to the table really are they?

15. The Storm - The Retrosic

This has grown on me. First listen I really didn't like it at all, but now it's ok. It reminds me of a dodgy club in Prague Nills took us to.

30-03-2009, 12:32:00
Why do you think Mastadon give metal a bad name Mike? I thought they were seen to be quite a pioneering force these days, not that I know much about them.

30-03-2009, 12:38:08
I thought they basically played overly technical music for teenage guitar nerds.

30-03-2009, 12:39:14
I mean... even more so than metal that I like...

04-04-2009, 12:18:35
jenny again - i recorded an acoustic guy once and he asked me to make it electronic. i spent half an hour on it putting on cheap glithes stuttering and all of the usual cheap obvious tricks. this song sounds almost identical. i guess my problem with this is, if you are going to try and make a boring song interesting with production, you'd better make the production interesting. i wouldn't even consider this for one of those feel-good mobile phone adverts that all have this "new folk" music.

the flirts - what would happen if gary glitter's uncool and ugly daughter was given five hours in a recording studio with an unimaginative producer. i guess i'm slightly annoyed that i have to waste a few minutes of my life listening to it. i'm turning it down until it ends.

peaches - i put this on the compilation because james' dad recorded it. we have been using the very same bass guitar on our album, i play on it every day and it's a very nice bass. i don't know if it's a truly great song or it just reminds me of keith floyd and my dad. talking of keith floyd, me and james' dad cooked a great meal last night for the rest of the band. very rare steak with asparagus, new potatoes, a marsala/pepper sauce, seafood cocktail type thing and then icecream/fruit. very 70s food. anyway. am i supposed to talk about music? whatever, if you like it you like it, if you don't you don't.

burn the liars - sounds like someone who really likes beck, bowie and the eagles. i can't say i find anything about this i find interesting. the vocal harmonies are tight. the snare sound is quite 70s in a good way. er. the song isn't very good. for my taste anyway. can't really think of anything positive so i'll stop. i would guess that they are unsigned on on a very small label.

mastadon - great drummer! good riff. not so keen on the vocals. OH NO! just got to the chorus. we've gone from interesting stuff to god-awful red hot chilli peppers. this sounds like when two band members write different parts of a song and force them together. the guitar sound is very good, not what is played, just the sound. i wonder what mic they used. i don't dislike the 70s/80s proggy bits, hate the 1992 metal bits, love the drummer except his double bass drum nonsense. music for people who work in guitar shops.

wordy rappinghood - i love this song but i don't like this version, it's way too long. but you get the idea of it. i once went on a huge bender with people from emi in tokyo after playing a pretty big gig. we crashed an empty bar, confidently walked to the dj booth and deejayed for three hours absolutely smashed. this got played several times. this band is part talking heads and part talking heads girlfriends. this might sound like it's copying rap but it came first. oh, this is my song btw. but i wanted the nice three minute version. my bad.

james brown - undeniable genius.

forclosure of a dream - undeniable tosh. everything about it is awful. boring boring boring. music for racist farmers in the midwest who do backyard wrestling and who's brother is also their dad and their uncle.

can't stand losing you - i put this on to annoy scabby. it's undeniably a great pop song. but there is a reggae influence as well as a thin lizzy influence, which, since the police aren't black, scabby would probably think they aren't allowed to have. but on the other hand, sting is northern and working class, so maybe that cancels out his whiteness and makes him okay again. i'm not sure how it works. i'm sure scabby will hate it though.

i'm on fire - is this a cover? it sounds like the sort of lyrics and song structure you'd find on an 80s rock song. love the dulcimer and piano. great vocalist. great distant strings. great reverb. like the way it's done but just don't like the song. if that makes any sense. might check out more stuff.

driveby miss daisy - this sort of thing was amusing back in 1993. they don't listen to this sort of stuff in LA anymore. oh, scarface samples now. how predictable. so we've got a breakbeat, lyrics about guns, bud and niggers and we've got scarface samples. this has no meaning anymore. file this alongside ninja turtles, playstation 1 and the spice girls.

farmer in the city - this is a comedy song playing at the wrong speed. or it's a shallow gay man trying to be a deep straight man by using digital reverb and strings. oh my god, some 80s dramatic film drums have just popped in. whoever submitted this is the person who submitted the cello-metal on the last lwp. ah, i know what this is. it's what happens if you combine a very gay broadway musical with sin city. this is the worst thing so far. even worse than megadeth.

then you walk in - ah thank god. this feels so genuine after the dire of the last track. and so much more musicality. this is like waking up to sunshine. though, after three minutes it's starting to sound like music they'd play in a shopping mall. i'm in two minds. is it good or does it sound good among the crap that came before? will listen to this one again later.

girls and boys - the subways are really nice people. but. hmm. i reckon i'd have liked this when i was younger maybe. i wish they'd lean a bit more away from early 90s american music and a little more towards the interesting stuff. i also with the bloke would let the chick sing more. she's so much nicer to listen to. this is quite a good song but it sounds very dated. if i heard an unsigned band play it in 1998 i'd have told them they had a very good chance of making it. but hearing it on a music compilation in 2009 it hasn't really had any impact on me.

the retrosic - ozric tentacles intro, okay, interesting... oh no!!! what's this terrible cheap techno bit? nooo! it started promising. oh my god. this is horrible. this must be made by germans. all we need is a string section and a video with lots of slow motion firebreathing and it would be a german classic. oh fuck me. this sounds like a keyboard demo preset with a prick singing through an effects unit. shit shit shit shit shit. fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off.

i have no idea if this was a good collection because the last song has sucked my will to live. oh the horror. maybe i should listen to that country song again. oh god, really that last song was unbelievably bad.

04-04-2009, 12:34:45
looking back over the comments i'm shocked about the last song being laz's. and i'm really shocked that that is what is considered industrial. it's just cheap trance programme presets with vocals through effects.

i would bet all my money, my testicles and my career that this was someone who likes metal using Reason 1.5 for the trance music backing and a guitar multieffects for the vocals.

Lazarus and the Gimp
04-04-2009, 15:10:06
Well, "Industrial" has gone through a hell of a lot of changes since it started. I'm an old-school fan, so I'm more into the experimental horrors of the 80's. That Retrosic song is representative of the modern dancefloor-fillers.

Basically, it's dance music for dance music fans who think dance music is gay. Of the Aggrotech/Terror EBM sub-genres it's actuall a good example. It would have been hilarious to see what you made of something like Combichrist or Grendel.

04-04-2009, 16:36:24
i'm all about offensive distorted music, and dance music for people who think dance music is gay.

take this for example, this is pretty gay electro music, but it's a zillion times more tuff and industrial than industrial.


i'd quite like to hear some other examples though. that song was maybe one that just didn't work with my brain.

04-04-2009, 16:37:23
had a quick listen to combichrist. if you like that, you'd have loved the techno i was making fifteen years ago. are combichrist current?

04-04-2009, 16:42:05
which was this sort of thing:


Lazarus and the Gimp
04-04-2009, 17:11:06
Combichrist are very current.

These are two examples of the main strands of modern industrial. The first is Terror EBM, while the second is Futurepop.



This is more my scene- Coldwave from some 10 years back-


04-04-2009, 18:18:42
interesting. "industrial" is a really misleading name for me. it's eurotrance with emo/metal vocals. i thought it was like, scary distorted beats and stuff.

this is more what i thought industrial was.


Lazarus and the Gimp
05-04-2009, 07:19:43
That would qualify. However it gets far more confusing than that.

This is Industrial- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmmR9OJWV0I

And so is this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjhGXjSK4Ik

And this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nufIYi_WYF0

They are three of the most revered bands on the scene.

It's all due to the fact that Industrial music was a genre started by a collection of bands that sounded absolutely nothing like each other. Easiest way to start a fight on Vampirefreaks or Sideline is to offer a definition of what Industrial music sounds like.

Scabrous Birdseed
05-04-2009, 09:37:11
It's cute that Industrial people (is there a good collective noun for you guys?) are claiming Futurepop as your own, because your enemies from the eighties the synth poppers are too. :)

Okay, full list of comments coming up.

Lazarus and the Gimp
05-04-2009, 10:05:57
What do you mean, "enemies"? Many of the big synth-pop names were closely linked to Industrial.

Marc Almond was once a member of Coil, and has collaborated with Current 93 too.

Scabrous Birdseed
05-04-2009, 10:39:08
1. Tuung
I like the weird glitch percussion that enters after 45 seconds, but even the most ridiculous sample-and-filter gimmicks can't disguise that this is just a soppy guitar ballad that Green Day could have composed.

2. The Flirts
Mine. I was hunting for decent Hi-NRG (of which "Danger" by the same band is a great example) when I came across this weirdly synthetic dance-Ramones hybrid. Both sides of the New York equation in one distinctly 1981 package.

3. The Stranglers
Humour in music is difficult.

4. [I can't find this on either Spotify or the Internet video sites, unfortunately]

5. Mastodon
I had this vague idea that Mastodon used to be heavy, not muzak. Or have I misunderstood the whole idea?

6. Tom Tom Club
[From Dailymotion] Fun/pretentious hipster classic that's been ruined for me by the extremely faithful and all-prevalent Chicks on Speed cover.

7. James Brown
Mine. I have a playlist at home with just music I love to dance to without any attempt to be precious or witty or knowledgeable, just good music for me and my Id. This is on there.

8. Megadeth
Topical! It's obvious that Dave Mustaine is better suited singing wry college radio pop like this than actual metal; substract the weak attempt rocking out and this could be a more-than-decent modern version of Devo.

9. The Police
[From Youtube] I've always hated Sting's cod-Marley shit-reggae, but then it switches into this close-harmony power-pop bit and I'm insanely weak for that sort of thing.

10. Bat For Lashes
I do love me some ballad cover of classic rock anthems, but as an idea it's been kind of done. I could easily listen to an entire track's worth of the instrumental bridge and outro though, excellent stuff.

11. Compton's Most Wanted
Well, it's interesting vís-a-vís having the most light-touch "breakbeat" I've ever heard, but eventually a real west-coast sound (G-funk) came and washed this scum off the streets.

12. Scott Walker
I love this - it's got a cello, drones and Klaus Nomi-level drama-pretention. Goth camp opera beauty wow!

13. Sammi Smith
Mine. Sammi Smith was the only woman (pretty much) in the Outlaw Country movement and her version of "Help Me Make It Through The Night" was a huge hit. This is another great track.

14. The Subways
This would be awful post-grunge wank if it wasn't for the lovely touch of the female vocalist, whose processed and pleasantly non-belted vocals really bring a touch of interesting contrast to the proceedings. Suggestion: ditch the dude.

15. The Retrosic
Nicely blip-bloppy industrial track. At least until the gutless screamo vocals come in, then it goes all Brokencyde (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa6qpgLvH30). This is the second track on the compilation that would have worked way better as an instrumental.

The Shaker
05-04-2009, 19:32:14
1- Tunng. Not terrible, but i wouldn't choose to listen to it. Reminded me of a few Eels tracks, though the stuttery start made me think my pooty had messed up again.

2- The Flirts. Rubbish? Boring? Might work better in a video though, with the sound off.

3- The Stranglers. Didn't actually thingk i'd ever listened to any stranglers, but recognised this one right off. Then I waited for the rest of the track to start. Then it ended.

3b- Advert,Chris cornell..... really, is that him, they wiped out his voice.

4- The Earlies. This sonds like it could have been on that 'oh it's all the same' cd that Scabby put together a while ago. Whilst not gripping, I find it a nice little ditty to pop along to.

5- Mastodon. Listen to lots of Mastodon, heard this track many times. Like it, though probably more in the context of the whole album rather than on its own., where it seems a tad disjointed. Never noticed that before, then again usually it's listen to this or concentrate on work.

6- Tom Tom Club. Can't think of antything to say. Was ok. Wouldn't listen to it again. Skipped to the end.

7- James Brown. Never tried being into James Brown, probably because being a sex god myself, my inner music monologue suffices. This is brilliant.

8- Megadeth. Despite having heard of Megadeth for many many many years, I don't think I have knowingly listened to any of their stuff ever. Maybe I confused then with Lawnmower Deth. Anyway I like this and would listen to them again, and must investigate further.

8a- Hello Roberta, spotify premium you say, but this version is free?

9- The Police. That's Stings band right, i knew someone at Uni who was obsessed by them? Oh i recognise this one. Good song. Short and sweet. Apparantly this is Alex Fergusons favourite track.

10- Bat for Lashes. Maybe better if you know the song it's covering?, which i don't. She seems nice though, i liked the start but was a bit scared it was going to go on forever.

11- Comptons Most Wanted. Again not my genre, or likely to be. When I kill people I feel bad about it (all angsty like).

12- Scott Walker. This was good, though i think he's not got that good a voice for this sort of thing, didn't really explore his range or volume. But hey, still i'm a sucker for string instruments.

13- Sami Smith. Yeah, quite nice if you sit back and enjoy it.

14- The Subways. Wait isn't that the introduction to a Sonic Undermind song. Oh, no. Bits good, bits bad. Not really catchy though is it? Oh good a scream. File this song under 'Generic'

15- The Retrosic. I really really like this track. A bit like watching Escape from New York, but with some pumping stuff and then the modifed Vocals. Love it, all of it. Best track on the album. Actually I see a wee bit of Marilyn Manson in there.