View Full Version : "Exactly how strong are those traffic poles?"

Dyl Ulenspiegel
25-03-2009, 11:33:34
Not about LOD (I think)


25-03-2009, 16:04:42
As the comments say "Apparently, pretty fucking strong."

First time ever I've agreed with a comment on youtube.

i like the way half the numpties think its for stopping suicide bombers.

Guess they must have a lot of them in Birmingham cos the pedestrianised area has them at both ends....

25-03-2009, 18:41:23
After the Oklahoma City bombing, they did seem to pop up around government buildings

you're right though, they're not like the crazy mazes they build outside embassies

26-03-2009, 15:07:33
It looks like there is no engine in the truck... could explain why the cabin explodes like that

26-03-2009, 19:50:37
a paper truck - fact!!