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23-03-2009, 12:44:59
Saturday morning I went to see a Magritte exhibition here in Milan.

I know, Magritte is nothing groundbreaking nor extraordinary.
I think it's the 3rd I saw, his works have long been abused by ads and commercials, nevertheless I still like him a lot.
It was a good exhibition, I figure over 100 paintings on display spanning over all his production phases, albeit his most famous ones were not there.


As a complement, in a small room they were showing also a few of his home-shot short movies, 3-4 minutes each, just some "surrealist kidding" with his friends. Say like a woman playing "sleevefacees" with the paintings portraying her face (IRRC it was his wife Georgette), posing with Magritte fetish objects like a classical statue head in blue plastic, bowler hat, roses, a masked apple, the namesake pipe which was not a pipe and so on.

Few minutes footage had them playing with a little dog and a rubber ball. At some point, a cat passed in front of the action and the camera followed it.
A three years old baby in her pram suddenly uttered:




23-03-2009, 19:30:19
You're right. Too much relevance to be a thread.