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Nills Lagerbaak
10-03-2009, 16:38:28
Has anyone else seen this? I heartily recommend it. If you liked spinal tap then you'll love this! It's the story of a real band trying to make it 'big' one last time, in proper 'tap style, but it's also got an intimate feeling and I couldn't help comparing it to grizzlyman. anyway, watch it, funniest film for a long time!

10-03-2009, 16:46:05
Haven't seen it, not on in Reading. :(

Nills Lagerbaak
10-03-2009, 17:33:29
I reckon it'll show at the Reading film theatre soon, it's well worth seeing!

11-03-2009, 09:09:02
Yeah definitely want to see this. V good reviews.

Nills Lagerbaak
11-03-2009, 10:12:41
Yep, you will love it. It's got most of the rock cliches in it and a few more. Scarily some of their tunes are almost identical to Unholy material... the ones from your era :)

20-05-2009, 00:09:08
anvil made me cry. honestly. it's... just, madness.

i think it might have a bit more impact on me because i'm currently living through what they experienced in their early years. i forget how many people want to be in the position i am in while i bitch and moan about the position i'm in.

it's sobering, depressing and heart-warming. i really have nothing at all to complain about. i might be tired and poor but i'm living the dream that they lost thirty years ago.

fucking hell. what a powerful movie. and what a slap in the face. i really, really need to open my eyes and start enjoying myself.

bought three copies of the album. they deserve it!

20-05-2009, 09:06:54
It's a great film, really funny in places (the drummers paintings...). Also strange how the drummer has the same name as the director of Spinal Tap.

29-06-2009, 08:05:19
Watched this yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.