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05-03-2009, 08:54:22
two remarkable news from your privileged reporter from the land of sun, pizza and mandolins (not even mentioning mafia and spaghetti)

the first one:

electronic innovation makes life impossible for piano players

You have to know that in our parliament, the standard voting procedure on everyday issues is carried out by pushing one of three buttons (Yea/Nay/Abstain) on each member's desk.
This allows for instant counting and visualization of the result.
Of course this is used when the issue does not require a secret vote.

Well, it was customary that most of the MPs lingered at the buvette drinking their free cappuccinos (payed by taxpayers) during the vote, while just a few of their party mates volunteered to endure the tedious task of pushing all the buttons for the absent colleagues. These courageous volunteers were affectionately nicknamed "piano players".
Nominally, this procedure was not exaclty legal. But enforcing the respect of the correct procedure was a waste of time the parliament could not afford...

Yesterday, new physical ID readers were installed alongside the 3 buttons!
A MP has now to authenticate his vote with his left forefinger *registered* fingerprint, or HIS desk buttons won't just activate.
So, ONE finger, ONE vote, finally!

It was reported, out of the ~650 "low chamber" members (Camera dei Deputati, then we have a half-populous Senate, identical political weight, just older age for elegibility) only ~500 so far registered their fingerprints, and just a handful refused to comply.
Allegedly some institutional source stated "In the end, the number of the MPs who'll have refused to register will be politically irrelevant"

... WHAT?????


second news in its own thread