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28-02-2009, 02:56:51
just getting into killing joke. almost twenty years after i saw them live along with new model army, henry rollins and the mission at finsbury park.

what are the best two albums?

Lazarus and the Gimp
28-02-2009, 10:05:00
"Pandemonium" and the later of the two eponymous ones (the one with "The death and resurrection show" on it).

I like the 80's albums too, but they sound a bit dated.

28-02-2009, 13:35:46
i think i'd probably like the 80s ones i'm into "dated" at the moment.

this is a ridiculous question but which era has the least reverb?

Lazarus and the Gimp
28-02-2009, 14:26:14