View Full Version : Summer of rage?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
24-02-2009, 13:18:30
"Police are preparing for a "summer of rage" as victims of the economic downturn take to the streets to demonstrate against financial institutions, the Guardian has learned.


He said that banks, particularly those that still pay large bonuses despite receiving billions in taxpayer money, had become "viable targets". So too had the headquarters of multinational companies and other financial institutions in the City which are being blamed for the financial crisis."


I'd suggest the ritual sacrifice of the fattest corporate pigs to appease the masses!

24-02-2009, 13:33:35
That was last year, when they played Reading festival.

24-02-2009, 13:46:31
gotta hurry putting down those 20kg within June

The Mad Monk
24-02-2009, 20:11:47
Are you sure she can handle 20 kg?

25-02-2009, 09:52:54
lol, took a few seconds before the meaning of the joke could Dawn on me