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16-01-2009, 01:10:01
anyone here experimented with provigil/modafinil?

it does absolute wonders in the recording studio.


16-01-2009, 03:26:07
Now this actually sounds interesting... although I am still a bit hesitant.


16-01-2009, 10:47:46
i've used them on three or four occasions now and have to admit i think they are pretty great.

they're not at all like street drugs. there's no dopamine or endorphin rush - ie. there's no addictive satisfaction from taking them - just more alertness and marked increased brain ability and less need for sleep. there's even less want for food which is a nice bi-product for a fatty like myself.

you can concentrate for hours more than normal on them. which for me is great because my brain is naturally very lazy. right now i have to be completely switched on to very important complicated creative and technical problems for upwards of thirteen hours a day, seven days a week. which is ordinarily impossible.

they are particularly great for recording studio work as other traditional creative cognative enhancers are basically harmful street drugs which leave you mad and burned out.

lots of gamers and cramming students take it apparently.

16-01-2009, 10:54:22
Yeah, well... I have stayed away from the ritalin/etc type things.

I should be working 12 hour days, but I find myself only working 40 hour weeks unless there is a deadline or something I am excited about. And I get distracted easily.

I actually was diagnosed with ADHD when I was young, was on ritalin for a while as a kid. I didn't like it at all, I thought it slowed me down and made me less creative and I stopped taking it when I could convince my parents.

Also, I have a concern that anything speed related would kill me. (After my blood pressure related problems, even just Coffee really freaks my system out.)

I will probably read up on this more. I could definitely acheive more if I could go back to working 12 hour days.

I really do think that I should just buckle down/etc though. I mean, if I have to use a drug to do that???? Using it to help me concentrate after I buckle down I would probably be more OK with (if I feel I can't concentrate).

(I have 5 months left before I need to have graduated, written my thesis, and found a job.)

16-01-2009, 10:58:28
I have always wanted a drug like this btw, and thought more effort should go into making it.


16-01-2009, 11:07:33
its indicated for adhd. you could probably ask your doctor if you can try it. after you've done your research of course.

it's quite interesting, maybe my "lazy brain" is an attention deficit. not that i'm diagnosing myself.

16-01-2009, 13:13:08
I just read an article about these yesterday and I want some.

16-01-2009, 13:17:08
the other article linked was equally interesting - increased focus comes at the cost of decreased creativity

they'd probably be retard pills for me, most anything smart I do comes from making odd connections

16-01-2009, 13:19:32
both smart things, really

16-01-2009, 13:22:38
Originally posted by MDA
the other article linked was equally interesting - increased focus comes at the cost of decreased creativity

they don't decrease studio creativity. we're coming up with all sorts of new shit. they probably decrease lateral/associative/daydreaming thinking, but that's how i always think and need to get away from.

Scud Wallaby
17-01-2009, 19:52:28
Interesting... One of my goals for this year is to learn to concentrate more. I've lately found myself in meetings where I need to absorb a lot of information and I can't stop my mind from wandering. Unless I'm a really active participant I just drift off, and almost have an attitude of 'I'll pick it up later...' not because I'm complacent, but because my brain isn't giving me a choice.

I'll also sometimes have to sit in front of my machine and design an entire system, code it etc, and I find that I can't keep us much in my head in 'retention' as I used to be able to.

Must be old age but maybe this could help.

What was I saying?

18-01-2009, 14:17:06
I have no idea I got distracted by your avatar.

Whats this thread about again?

Greg W
19-01-2009, 00:29:58
Drugs are bad mmmmmmkay.

19-01-2009, 08:56:37
Originally posted by Beta1
I have no idea I got distracted by your avatar.

Whats this thread about again?

:lol: :beer:

19-01-2009, 10:30:50