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13-05-2002, 19:49:34
Way way back I played Warcraft when it first came out, I was not taken with it. I tried Command and Conquer and was bored.

I am/was a confirmed TBS - Wargamer, (not necessarily any good, but that is what I like)

Last year I played Starcraft at the encouragement of a friend, and I really enjoyed it.

Last Month I finally borrowed a copy of Age of Kings, and so far I am having a blast. (need to get Conquerors though) I have seen Cossacks - European Wars online and in stores, though I haven't tried the Demo. Is it any good?

Are there any other top end RTS games out there.

Does anyone still play Age of Kings, and is interested in discussing/ possibly playing it (though my play time is very limited)

13-05-2002, 20:04:36
Total Annihilation is still one of the best RTSs out there. It is also bleeding massive.

13-05-2002, 20:30:21
oops misread

13-05-2002, 20:48:07
Oh, and if I can find my CD for AoK, I will play you. I must warn you, though, my MP experience is limited to playing against two friends, one who was quite good but a bit forgetful, and another who believed that to win, one must trade.

13-05-2002, 20:52:50
My MP experience for RTS games is limited to having my ass kicked the third time I had ever played Starcraft, by a guy who took out three of us on one map. (the other two had even claimed to be good before the game started).

I am still well within the learning curve for AoK. I'll have to see what I can learn about TA.

OW_42 I have some memory of you plaing AoK and also being a huge fan of TA: Kingdoms, is that accurate?

13-05-2002, 21:03:39
Shining used to play AoK (AoE?) as well.

14-05-2002, 02:55:30
ACOL had a whole little AoK community - Me, Trip, Uncleroggy, LadyRachel, Old_Warrior42, and the incomparable Yin26. We all got comparatively good at AoK.

I'm not bad at Starcraft either, this weekends LAN aside:).

TA is also very good, but the single player campaigns set a new world record for dullness. Definitely better to just skirmish a few times and then start playing people.

WarcraftIII (yay!) and Age of Mythology are due out at varying times this year or next - check those out too.

14-05-2002, 08:22:29
The learning curve for AoK multiplayer is a bit steep. I tried getting in to it later than everyone else and got creamed. Good game but a little bit resource intensive. You can't afford to make a mistake in the first few minutes against a decent player if you want to win. A lot of fun against someone around the same level as you though. The Shaker always beat me as well but it was closer. :D

Shakey also has Cossacks, I played it once, it's a bit like AoK but more complicated and it didn't appeal to me too much. One good thing was that you had to pay gold to maintain your military units so if you had a huge army you needed a lot of gold to pay them. It meant that having standing army was expensive. Made things interesting.

The Shaker
14-05-2002, 20:01:23
Never tried Cossacks multiplayer though....sometimes i whack it on for a nice huige army blast fest.

Aok was good good good, i gave up with still a lot to learn though.
As long as io beat mike.

We also had a few games of Z- Steel soldiers.

14-05-2002, 23:48:24
So Cossacks is decent single player? (I assume 95% of my play time will be single player)

15-05-2002, 08:20:28
Z Steel Soldiers is good. We should play that again. I also lost at that. :D

16-05-2002, 00:13:23
Homeworld and Homeworld: Cataclysm, for 3D space RTS that're really very good once you figure out the control system.