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20-11-2008, 13:06:03

Tall tale tellers are descending on the Lake District in the hope of being crowned the Biggest Liar in the World.
They will travel all over the country to the Bridge Inn in Santon on Thursday, to try to convince an audience they are telling a true story.
Last year's winner, farmer John Graham, told a yarn about catching a cod after hitting it with a barrel of bitter.
The contest excludes politicians and lawyers, on the grounds that they are too well practised in the art of lying.
No props
Mr Graham said: "I've been taking part for 20 years now and still enjoy it as much as when I first started.
"I love entertaining the crowd and have always told tall tales, so this comes as second nature really."
Participants have up to five minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can, without the aid of props.
The annual event is held in memory of Will Ritson, a 19th Century landlord who told tales to entertain drinkers.

Resource Consumer
20-11-2008, 14:08:36
Funko wins - the event is really on the South Coast

Buddy Odor
20-11-2008, 14:15:40
Bossman wins - he posted as Funko

20-11-2008, 15:44:03
If one thing's for sure, the phrase 'Bossman wins' is always a lie

The Shaker
20-11-2008, 20:28:30
He told me he won this last year, so he's probably not too interested this time round.

Scabrous Birdseed
20-11-2008, 22:28:38
Beware! That link goes to a page which adds Funko to your ignore list.

21-11-2008, 09:16:14
You know how to disappoint your public Scabby.