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Vincent Fandango
12-05-2002, 19:29:04
From Poly
By Sheepy99 Sic!

This article should really come as no surprise to the Civ community. For nearly 2 years we had been eagerly awaiting for our Civilization III game to come out Really?. Only to be utterly disappointed with the final product. I will sum up some of this below.

One of the first things to raise my eyebrows was the fact that CivIII was being released way to soon after 2 years in development. I realize (I believe I read this in one of the previous articles) that game companies will often find that development is going over budget and just release the game half done so to stay in the black (At the expense of the companies reputation Og course noone will ever buy Civ IV now). Usually this is the case with lessor known titles or small companies that usually cant afford to sit on a game and make sure it is completely done. But Infogames and Firaxis do not fit this profile uhhm?. Has anything with the Firaxis label ever failed? own goal (Just for the record CivIII isn't failing) Does Infogames think they are a small game company? Only small companies earn big money with big bugs in non innovative games?I for one would have been willing to wait to have CivIII iron out all the bugs, even if it took another 2 years to do so. Dream on

Another thing that troubled me was the fact multiplayer wasn't included. Anyone who made the mistake of buying a Nintendo 64 (Sorry Nintendo fans, Gamecube looks better thankfully) knows it was mostly the multiplayer function that made gamers stay with a dead system So the PC is dead because no Civ3MP!. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Battletanx and Smash Bros, really owe there success to multiplayer and good programmingAhhh - so what?. So not to include multiplayer is utterly stupid like buying it. Now of course the decision to do this goes back to shipping the stinker to make money during the Christmas holidayWar is over if you want it. But by far the worst mistake Firaxis made was making the game extremely hard to mod. By now we have all beaten the game several times and its replayablity is starting to look a little limitedSo why did you buy the 7th clone of the 7th clone? What did you expect? Fifa2003?. CivII was chuck full of Mod opportunities, Map creation, and Scenario building. But not so with CivIIIWhy not playing Civ2 instead? It's the same plot anyway .... I would have loved to Mod those Unique Units but I am finding that this is extremely hard to do so. Changing the game rules was easier in CivII then CivIII and even nice things like the freakin' map zoom is missing. I cant even make accurate maps because I cant zoom out or in and even trying to scroll is bad. Don't even get me started on Scenario creating. I mean at least give us the opportunity to place fixed locations for civs starting out

My last and less nit pick would have to be the actual in game stuff. Sure it would be nice to stack units then spend five minutes moving all my workers to a pollution square. Sure it would be nice to conduct spying without spending a nation treasury taking one tech. Sure it would be great if my neighbours wouldn't walk through my territory and then declare war on me when I ask them to stop. Sure it would be nice if Sid actually had ideasBut these things can be easily fixed with another (cough, cough) "Patch". I know many gamers hate the culture and resource thing in the game but I like the new strategies that involve taking advantage of both for 5 minutes. Oh sure not having any horses or iron in the beginning sucks but hey life isn't always fair. Why should a simulation be any different? Because I payed for it? Because a game god designed it Over come it with your playing skills and stay off the boards on Apolyton.

Hopefully CivIV takes care of all this and if Firaxis tries what SimCity 3000 Unlimited did ("oh hey everyone -- spend another $50 on stuff we should have included to begin with"), I'm never buying another Firaxis/Infogames product again. Really? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! We all knew that before the game was released!

Sorry about the venting Bastard! and Keep on Civ'in Why? It's dead, Jim!.

12-05-2002, 22:26:47
Kevin Neelon posts on Apolyton?

12-05-2002, 22:27:51
This guy is a genius. :rolleyes:

Vincent Fandango
13-05-2002, 06:25:42
What amazes me is that people can't believe that Sid produces cheap rip off no risk shit of his old concepts. What did they expect from Civ III (BTW it's Civ IV if you count SMAC). Even Sim Golf is better. much better, because it's at least somewhat more innovative.

If you make a sequel to a strategy game - I guess that's the most boring thing. You don't get new levels or a new story like in a platform game or a adventure/RPG. You don't get even new maps like in certain TBS games (like War-/Starcraft). You just get what you got with slightly differences. Because there is no story, maps, challenges, whatever etc.

I also think that the changes mentioned above are humbug. They don't really add a completely new aspect to the game. For example, I liked the multiple maps idea of TOT. You got to run to conquer the next level. "Get resources" is like "get a good city near the ocean, at a strategic position etc.

And everybody knew what was going on. No MP, no map editor. Enhanced graphics and special edition box instead. Sounds like a hype to me.

It shows how fucked up the whole industry is. The trash has even become game of the year at some german comouter mag! Are they blind?

13-05-2002, 08:37:26
People are stupid.

Vincent Fandango
13-05-2002, 08:55:15
So am I

Resource Consumer
13-05-2002, 11:30:38
Sid should have stuck with his Dinos. It may have been crap but at least it was a bit innovative. The reality was, though, as the article alludes to, they needed to stamp a cash cow out of the door, They knew enough fuckwits would buy it and that would keep Sid more than afloat.

Morgan car parks is all I can say.

Vincent Fandango
13-05-2002, 12:41:48
What's so sad is everyone said it will be a cheap (or expensive) rip off.

I see a pattern
SM Gethisbj÷rn (new)
SM AlterZentauri (recycled)
SM Dinodongs (new)
SM CivIII (recycled)
SM SinGolf (new)
and next:
SM Privates! (recycled)

Resource Consumer
13-05-2002, 13:07:06
I don't think I want to know about Sid's privates!

Vincent Fandango
13-05-2002, 13:16:24
As we say in german:
gro▀es M und kleine Eier

Resource Consumer
13-05-2002, 13:43:59
Eier = creativity or originality?

Vincent Fandango
13-05-2002, 13:50:32
That wild be

Resource Consumer
13-05-2002, 13:57:02
Not Mingspiration?

Vincent Fandango
13-05-2002, 13:59:54