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22-10-2008, 13:23:12
It'll be an MMO. Apparently stuff has been leaking about this for awhile now, but it was news to me, so now its news.

More at IGN (http://pc.ign.com/articles/922/922115p1.html)

Lurker the Second
22-10-2008, 14:12:09
Cool, but that article didn't convey much sense of why "multiplayer" is going to add much to the basic single player rp game.

22-10-2008, 14:16:29
Yeah. There's so much focus was on how it will be solo play friendly, they neglected the multiplayer bit.

Its all marketing fluff at this point, I think. It'll be interesting to see how Bioware does in the MMO department.

22-10-2008, 17:18:23
Originally posted by Lurker the Second
Cool, but that article didn't convey much sense of why "multiplayer" is going to add much to the basic single player rp game.

It will add profitability, where is the motivation probably lies!

Sir Penguin
22-10-2008, 17:41:16
Oh well.


22-10-2008, 18:46:22
The MMO part adds monthly subscription money to their pockets.

22-10-2008, 18:48:09
It's basically an extension of downloadable content or episodic gameplay. You pay monthly, occasionally they'll add new content.

Lurker the Second
27-10-2008, 14:39:52
In that case, your avatar says it all.

19-12-2011, 17:56:27
It's finally out, tomorrow (in the US, at least).

If I look at it at all, it'll be after Christmas. Seems like I just broke the WoW habit even though it's been close to a year.

03-01-2012, 13:50:34
30 levels into a smuggler, and solo levelling is indeed friendly

I don't really know enough to comment on anything else.

03-01-2012, 16:47:13
I have a bunch of friends playing, they love it. I'm not, I don't like starwars much. I may be drawn in just for the social :)

03-01-2012, 19:47:42
I'm not sure how long I'll play either. I may just do it like a single player game and level a few classes for the stories.

been almost a year, and I still don't like the idea of raids

03-01-2012, 21:13:22
awww *hugs*

poor MDA!

03-01-2012, 23:18:44
Oddly, I don't feel bad about it at all. :lol:

Funny that people are just as lazy and unreliable in their free time as they are with work. I did not expect that.

08-01-2012, 16:09:42
I could not help myself.

08-01-2012, 19:00:09
: points and laughs:

09-01-2012, 13:14:48
looks pretty cool actually

shame I hate MMORGs

29-03-2012, 13:59:43
Haven't played for a month. Takes forever to get anywhere in that game, and I don't mean "progression" so much as to get to places.

I get that the Organa's... palace? on Alderaan is supposed to be BIG, but ffs.

I enjoyed the game, but time spent in the game is vastly different than the time you actually spend doing fun things. Lots of cool stuff, cool stories for levelling classes, but the long travel interludes killed it for me. Feels more treadmill-ish than even Vanilla WoW. I'm a 4-year WoW burnout, so maybe not the best person to evaluate an MMORPG objectively.

29-03-2012, 14:00:53
The Very Gay Outlaw Josey Wales