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20-10-2008, 12:10:10
no, I'm not talking about the bunk conspiracy-like theories who see faces in billowing smoke patterns


I'm talking about the technique to conceal the presence itself of a message hidden in some other media

that's Steganography (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steganography)

Typically used with images, taking advantage of the lossless storage formats.

But the message could be hidden in any file, text, or even music.

Beware this is not cryptography tho, the message is not composed of a code applied to parts of the text itself, or to the musical writing. It's instead hidden and interspersed within the media support, making it a totally different issue.

20-10-2008, 12:11:07
now Bob, shave your head and show us your hidden message tattoos!

20-10-2008, 12:47:20
I only got a B on each cheek

Greg W
20-10-2008, 12:53:14
The worry is he'd have to shave for us to see them.

20-10-2008, 13:58:09
Originally posted by Bob
I only got a B on each cheek the hairy cheeck orrr the stinky hairy cheeck?

20-10-2008, 14:13:24
you got it

20-10-2008, 14:29:51
huh ...... no way!!

Greg W
20-10-2008, 14:39:27
Either way, it's a shaved entrance to heaven... :o

20-10-2008, 14:50:57

Greg W
20-10-2008, 14:51:53