View Full Version : Is the pub open in the morning?

18-09-2008, 12:21:00

Originally posted by Greg W
Actually, from the sounds of it, he went to the pub on the way to work this morning. ;)
Originally posted by MoSe
a pint is the best breakfast
Originally posted by Funko
It wasn't open, or I'd have gone and asked if they had it this morning.
Originally posted by Greg W
Or, you left it there this morning when you popped in for a quick pint before work, and by the time you got to the station, it was too late to walk all the way back to the pub to get it. And thus the elaborate story. :D
Originally posted by Funko
But it wasn't open this morning.



Greg W
18-09-2008, 14:16:53
Well, at least Funko won't feel bad that they wouldn't open the pub for him!

18-09-2008, 15:20:19
To see more sad Gazza pics, click on the slideshow below


He held a fag in one hand as he peered through a window to attract someone’s attention

18-09-2008, 15:29:22
I have stood out in front of liquor stores in the morning waiting for them to open. Sad but true.

18-09-2008, 16:55:11
I too have run out of liquor at 7 am. It has been a long time though.