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24-08-2008, 14:21:32
in the uk we have a pretty good 3G network so that you can have internet access anywhere you go with a usb dongle.

i remember hearing that the american 3G network wasn't running yet.

i'm asking because we're coming back for a month on tuesday and the thought of internet in the tourbus excites me! has anyone had any experience using mobile internet over there? can you recommend a service provider?

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24-08-2008, 17:48:18
AT&T or T-Mobile is who I would go with. It would only really be good in certain locations (any starbucks for AT&T though).


24-08-2008, 18:54:58
i don't mean a bluetooth modem for use in places with wireless, i mean one that will work on the freeway or in a field or somewhere without wireless.

they are like little dongles with a 3G cellphone inside them.

all the research i've done leads me to believe that america doesn't have this sort of network yet but i'm sure the iphone is on a 3G network.

24-08-2008, 19:03:56
America has 3G had for a bit, the people you talked to are misinformed.

24-08-2008, 19:04:55

You won't have 3G in rural areas of course.

Laptop cards: http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/basics/choosing-phone/laptop-connect-cards.jsp

24-08-2008, 19:21:49
sweet, thanks. :)

24-08-2008, 19:36:35
Basically what Asher said, but one issue is that in ares where internet is slow with laptop cards, it is generally fast at starbucks (hotspot) if you go with AT&T.

I think Borders has T-Mobile, and Barnes and Noble have AT&T. Most 'independent' coffee shops have free wireless (which is a lot better, in my opinion).

Jon Miller

24-08-2008, 21:38:51
Moby does not approve of your internet use.

Resource Consumer
24-08-2008, 22:31:59
A good supply of carrier pigeons is advised for prolonged trips statside.

If nothing else, they help with the food.

24-08-2008, 22:32:19
Originally posted by JM^3
Most 'independent' coffee shops have free wireless (which is a lot better, in my opinion).

Jon Miller
it's much better but we spend eight or nine hours a day in a bus rather than coffee shops.

Resource Consumer
24-08-2008, 22:33:56
Agreed. Depends on the comfort stops, though. :D

25-08-2008, 03:01:36
AT&T has the largest coverage area while Verizon has the best network quality. T-Mobile is the cheapest but has a crappy network.