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Mr. Bas
19-08-2008, 13:00:40
The good: Belgian beer. Sunny weather throughout the festival. Belgian beer. Pretty Flemish girls with cute Flemish accents. Belgian beer. Short queues. Belgian beer.

De jeugd van tegenwoordig surprised me in a positive way, much more fun than the previous time I saw them a few years ago. The Dropkick Murphys and Editors are excellent live bands and these shows were no exception.
Pete and the Pirates were again quite good live, I particularly liked the couple of new tracks they played. DIOYY seem to evolve into the ultimate party band, with closer 'We are rockstars' as the highlight IMO. Metallica surprised me in a very positive way. Despite hardly playing any recent songs (one new song, one from Reload), their setlist contained many of the thrash metal classics and they played quite tightly. They should learn to not end every song in such a dramatic way and James Hetfield should cut out some of the stupid banter, though. Gutter Twins kicked arse, great songs and although Mark Lanegan is probably the most passive frontman ever, Greg Dulli more than makes up for it. Anti-Flag was by far the best punk band I saw on show this weekend. Very nice. Finally, Neurosis also did not disappoint and played an impressively good show.

The surprising: Die! Die! Die! were the first band I saw, and their noisy take on Joy Division and Sonic Youth was great fun. Kaizers Orchestra, Hot Chip , MGMT,As I lay dying, We are scientists and Foals all sounded like bands I should check out, I had heard little to none of any of these bands before but they impressed. Fuck Buttons were interesting, but not for the entire 45 minutes they played. Still, my main two new discoveries were Mercury Rev and The dodos. Aural orgasms.

The average: Stereophonics were not nearly as bad as I expected. Bloc Party is not really a band I'm very fond of, but they were fine. Some other bands that did okay, but not more than that: Cult of Luna , Futureheads , Meshuggah, Serj Tankian ,The Flaming Lips.

The bad: I didn't really expect much from Amy MacDonald, and she indeed put on one of the most boring shows of the weekend. She's cute though. The Killers : same story, minus the cuteness. Don't believe the hype: the Black Kids suck major balls. Thrice were as bad as I expected, and after this weekend I've had it with all these mediocre electro-rock and electronica bands, so a thumbs down to Soulwax, The Whip, A Brand, Modeselektor. And to the crappy techno they played in the only night tent.

19-08-2008, 15:33:02
Mercury Rev are a great band. They've got loads of albums and you'll probably like 'em all, but I reckon 1998's Deserter Songs is still the best one I've heard. Wikipedia says it's currently out of print, but that can't be true. It's excellent.

19-08-2008, 15:45:51
Deserter's Songs is awesome.

19-08-2008, 16:13:17
It came out at about the same time as The Boy with the Arab Strap. An excellent month for twee indie.

Mr. Bas
19-08-2008, 17:11:47
Cool, I'll check out the album. Although from the impression I got live, twee indie does not really sound like an apt description.

19-08-2008, 17:13:46
Sure they're sound is bigger and more dramatic, but they do still have a song that opens with the line "Holes, dug by little moles"...