View Full Version : Knit your own Hitler

21-07-2008, 15:51:48
Or Knitler as the designer calls it.


A TRENDY designer has sparked outrage with a set of knitting patterns to make woolly models of the world’s most evil dictators.


Rachael Matthews — who has kick-started a celebrity knitting craze — calls the grotesque Nazi doll Knitler.

Her new book has designs for a dozen dictators, with a photo of Hitler doing the Nazi salute on the cover.

Other tyrants featured are Iraqi monster Saddam Hussein, Uganda’s brutal Idi Amin and Cambodian dictator Pol Pot.

A spokesman for the Jewish Network said: “You would hope people would have more sense than to take a cuddly Hitler into work.”

22-07-2008, 08:39:58
this is a clear message to mugabe and kim jong il that they are gonna have to step the fuck up if they want to join the knitting elite

23-07-2008, 08:16:00
Knitler! :lol: :lol: